HPS Student Char Brecevic Presents Paper at International Workshop on Representation in Science

Author: Tori Davies

HPS student Char Brecevic will present her paper titled "The Art of Metaphorical Exemplification" at the Representation in Science international workshop organized by the Institute of Philosophy at the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague. The abstract for this paper is provided below:

There has been a growing interest among philosophers to bridge the seemingly disparate worlds of art and science, especially with respect to questions surrounding representation. Following the work of Catherine Elgin, Roman Frigg, and James Nguyen, I argue that the salient difference between artistic and scientific representations is one of degree rather than kind. Appealing to various contemporary artworks, I demonstrate that artistic representations may share the means of construction and target systems of scientific representations, effectively locating the representational difference outside the representations themselves. While semantic density, repleteness, and other pragmatic considerations explain this difference to a great extent, I argue that differences in the modes of metaphorical exemplification may also be responsible. To illustrate how metaphorical exemplification may differ across instances of representation in the arts and sciences, I will consider a variety of conceptual artworks and characterize the unique ways in which they use metaphors to exemplify properties of their intended targets.

The presentation was filmed in full and is available here: http://stream.flu.cas.cz/media/charlene-brecevic-the-art-of-metaphorical-exemplif

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