Models and Simulations in the Sciences: Perspectives from Philosophy, History, and Policy

Location: McKenna Hall

MS6 is the latest in a series of international conferences dedicated to exploring the many philosophical issues arising from considerations of the construction, use, and epistemic status of models and computer simulations in the natural and social sciences. Previous meetings took place in Paris, Tilburg, Charlottesville, Toronto, and Helsinki.

Papers are invited from both philosophers and practicing scientists. Sample topics include (but are not limited to):  Models, simulations, and…

  • Scientific representation
  • Scientific explanation
  • Scientific reasoning
  • The nature of: abstraction; approximation; idealization
  • The nature of their construction, confirmation
  • Their use in: prediction; heuristics; articulating theory; experimentation
  • The role of desiderata such as simplicity, unifying power, and robustness
  • Their use and functions across disciplinary boundaries
  • Their use in the domain of public policy setting
  • Their use in the design and application of technologies
  • Broader implications for science and/or philosophy

Plenary Speakers

William Bechtel (University of California, San Diego)
Philip Mirowski (University of Notre Dame)
Andrea Woody (University of Washington)

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