The Biennial History of Astronomy Workshop - NDIII

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Location: McKenna Hall (View on map )


Persons wishing to present a work-in-progress paper or a poster paper should send the title, an abstract of approx. 100 words, and some information on your background to one of the program co-chairs by Feb. 15, 1997.

Present plans are to devote an afternoon of the workshop to the work-in-progress and poster papers. For example, a session from 1:15 to 2:35 would allow 4 WIP papers, followed by a break and poster session in which each person in the poster session will display a posted paper, be available to discuss a book or major paper the person has recently published, demonstrate an apparatus or computer program., etc. The “poster” session would end at 3:30, to be followed by up to 6 more WIP progress papers.

For detailed information about this conference, including conference materials, please follow this link: