Reilly Prize

The Reilly Prize has traditionally been given to selected rising fifth-year Reilly Scholars to specially recognize and honor their personal excellence. The disruptions of the pandemic in 2020 have resulted in changes to the program: the prize is now awarded to graduating fifth years. Reilly Prize winners receive a $5,000 award and public recognition at Commencement. Selections are made during March. 


Check back in early Spring for the 2022 deadlines. Typically, the application deadline is in early March, with interviews following spring break and the winner(s) announced by early April. 

Selection Criteria

  • Commitment to the Reilly Center mission of “science and technology in the service of human dignity and the common good” 
  • Special embrace of the spirit toward conversation, integrity, and “constructive and critical engagement with the whole of culture” that define the Notre Dame mission
  • Academic achievement
  • Extracurricular achievement


Download the Reilly Prize Application 2020. Applicants must submit all application materials to by 11:59 PM on March 15, 2020.

Past Winners

2021 Reilly Prize Winners

Brooke has dedicated her time at ND to exploring how designers can provide more accessible solutions for individuals of all abilities to participate to the greatest possible extent in the classroom and in society.
Isabella Delgado Castillo
During her time at ND, Isabella has worked on international development projects and learned that finding solutions is not the same as imposing solutions, and that real-world challenges require the application of both technical and policy solutions.

2019 Reilly Prize Winners

  • Prathm Juneja (Computer Science and Political Science)
  • Adam Wiechman (Environmental Engineering and Political Science)

2018 Reilly Prize Winners

  • Senay Argaw Tilahun (Mechanical Engineering and Design)
  • Pierce Witmer (Sociology and Electrical Engineering)

2017 Reilly Prize Winners

  • Patrick Ntwari (Aerospace Engineering and French and Francophone Studies)
  • Bryan Ricketts (Chemical Engineering and Political Science)
  • Jean-Pierre Vertil (Electrical Engineering and Economics)
  • Rachel Wallace (Environmental Engineering and Philosophy)
  • Ian Tembe (Chemical Engineering and Philosophy)

2016 Reilly Prize Winners

  • Huili Chen (Computer Science and Psychology)
  • Rose Doerfler (Chemical Engineering and East Asian Languages and Culture)
  • Alison Leddy (Mechanical Engineering and Sociology)
  • Camilla Tassi (Computer Science and Music) 

2015 Reilly Prize Winners

  • Christopher R. Andrews (Chemical Engineering and Theology)
  • Waleed E. Johnson (Computer Engineering and Art Studies)
  • Julia Teixeira (Civil Engineering and Anthropology)

2014 Reilly Prize Winners

  • Michael “Mitch” S. Kochanski (Mechanical Engineering and Political Science)
  • A. James Schmidt (Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, and Philosophy)
  • Jonathan Schommer (Chemical Engineering and Program in Liberal Studies)
  • Vanessa Steger (Mechanical Engineering and History)

2013 Reilly Prize Winners

  • Patrick Conry (Civil Engineering and Greek & Roman Studies)
  • Antwane Mason (Computer Science and Japanese)
  • Breanna Stachowski (Mechanical Engineering and Design)
  • Julie Wamser (Computer Science and French)

2012 Reilly Prize Winners    

  • John J. Gallagher  (Mechanical Engineering and Philosophy)
  • Catherine A. Mikkelsen (Mechanical Engineering and Psychology)
  • Odaro A. Omusi (Electrical Engineering and Economics) 
  • John Plunkett (Electrical Engineering and Design)

2011 Reilly Prize Winners

2010 Reilly Prize Winners

  • John Burke (Electrical Engineering and Psychology)
  • Sarah Keithley (Civil Engineering and Theology)
  • Michael Petrongolo (Mechanical Engineering and Philosophy)

2009 Reilly Prize Winners

  • Craig Borchard (Civil Engineering and Theology)
  • Evan Lintz (Electrical Engineering and Economics)
  • Jon Strong (Electrical Engineering and Music Theory)

2008 Reilly Prize Winners

  • Andrew Crutchfield (Mechanical Engineering and Philosophy)
  • Robert Melly (Mechanical Engineering and Philosophy)
  • Casie Sweeney (Civil Engineering and Studio Art)

2007 Reilly Prize Winners

  • Rebecca Ladewski (Chemical Engineering and Philosophy)
  • Andrew Magee (Computer Science and Music)

2006 Reilly Prize Winners

  • Paul Dockery (Mechanical Engineering and Philosophy)
  • Mary Ann Jentz (Chemical Engineering and Psychology)
  • Stephen Schwall (Mechanical Engineering and Design)

2005 Reilly Prize Winners

  • Teresa Bloemker (Aerospace Engineering and Spanish)
  • Michael Heilman (Computer Science and Japanese)
  • Walter Pruchnik III (Computer Science and Theology)
  • Lance David Gallop

2004 Reilly Prize Winners

  • Thomas Haight (Mechanical Engineering and History)
  • Caitlin Kilroy (Chemical Engineering and Political Science)
  • Daniel Masse (Mechanical Engineering and French)

2003 Reilly Prize Winners

  • David Saracino (Computer Science and History)
  • Jennifer Spanbauer (Mechanical Engineering and German)

2002 Reilly Prize Winners

  • Timothy Brick (Computer Science and Psychology)
  • Lloyd Cassidy (Electrical Engineering and Philosophy)

2001 Reilly Prize Winners

  • Christopher Russo (Electrical Engineering and Philosophy)
  • Mario Suarez (Computer Science and Government and International Studies)

2000 Reilly Prize Winners

  • Leonard Conapinski (Mechanical Engineering and Government and International Studies)