Reilly Prize

What is the Reilly Prize? 

A student studies in the Biolchini Hall of Law

The Reilly Prize has traditionally been given to selected rising fifth-year Reilly Scholars to specially recognize and honor their personal excellence. The prize is awarded to graduating fifth years. Reilly Prize winners receive a $5,000 award and public recognition at Commencement. Selections are made during March. 


The deadline to apply for the 2024 Reilly Prize is March 8, 2024

Selection Criteria

  • Commitment to the Reilly Center mission of “science and technology in the service of human dignity and the common good” 

  • Special embrace of the spirit toward conversation, integrity, and “constructive and critical engagement with the whole of culture” that define the Notre Dame mission

  • Academic achievement
  • Extracurricular achievement


Download the Reilly Prize Application. Applicants must submit all application materials to Patrick Gamez at by 11:59 PM on March 15, 2023. 

Past Winners 

2023 Winners

  • Ian Baker (Chemical Engineering and Studio Art (Photography))

2022 Winners 

  • Nathanial Ho (Economics and Computer Science) 
  • Federico Hita Martinez (Economics and Aerospace Engineering)
  • Hind Zahour (Design and Computer Science)

2021 Winners 

  • Brook Williams (Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering)
  • Isabella Delgado (Political Science and Civil Engineering)

2019 Reilly Prize Winners

  • Prathm Juneja (Computer Science and Political Science)
  • Adam Wiechman (Environmental Engineering and Political Science)

2018 Reilly Prize Winners

  • Senay Argaw Tilahun (Mechanical Engineering and Design)
  • Pierce Witmer (Sociology and Electrical Engineering)

2017 Reilly Prize Winners

  • Patrick Ntwari (Aerospace Engineering and French and Francophone Studies)
  • Bryan Ricketts (Chemical Engineering and Political Science)
  • Jean-Pierre Vertil (Electrical Engineering and Economics)
  • Rachel Wallace (Environmental Engineering and Philosophy)
  • Ian Tembe (Chemical Engineering and Philosophy)

2016 Reilly Prize Winners

  • Huili Chen (Computer Science and Psychology)
  • Rose Doerfler (Chemical Engineering and East Asian Languages and Culture)
  • Alison Leddy (Mechanical Engineering and Sociology)
  • Camilla Tassi (Computer Science and Music) 

2015 Reilly Prize Winners

  • Christopher R. Andrews (Chemical Engineering and Theology)
  • Waleed E. Johnson (Computer Engineering and Art Studies)
  • Julia Teixeira (Civil Engineering and Anthropology)

2014 Reilly Prize Winners

  • Michael “Mitch” S. Kochanski (Mechanical Engineering and Political Science)
  • A. James Schmidt (Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, and Philosophy)
  • Jonathan Schommer (Chemical Engineering and Program in Liberal Studies)
  • Vanessa Steger (Mechanical Engineering and History)

2013 Reilly Prize Winners

  • Patrick Conry (Civil Engineering and Greek & Roman Studies)
  • Antwane Mason (Computer Science and Japanese)
  • Breanna Stachowski (Mechanical Engineering and Design)
  • Julie Wamser (Computer Science and French)