Update on HPS Alumnus Nahyan Fancy

Author: Jessica Baron

Congratulations to Nahyan Fancy, who recently received tenure and promotion to Associate Professor of History at DePauw University. Dr. Fancy graduated from the History and Philosophy of Science Ph.D. program in 2007 and wrote a dissertation entitled "Pulmonary Transit and Bodily Resurrection: The Interaction of Medicine, Philosophy and Religion in the Works of Ibn al-Nafis (d. 1288)" under advisors Phillip R. Sloan (emeritus) and Ahmad Dallal (Georgetown University).

At DePauw since 2007, Dr. Fancy has taught courses on the history of science, the history of the Middle East, and gender and sexuality in the Middle East. His "The Virtuous Son of the Rational: A Traditionalist’s Response to the Falāsifa" has recently appeared in the edited volume Avicenna and His Legacy: A Golden Age of Science and Philosophy (Brepols, 2009) and his piece entitled "Re-Examining the Reason-Revelation Dichotomy in Islamic Societies: The Case of Ibn al-Nafīs and his Discovery of the Pulmonary Transit of Blood" will shortly appear in a collection called The Advancement of Knowledge, edited by the late Notre Dame professor Sabine MacCormack. He is currently under contract with Routledge for his book Science and Religion in Mamluk Egypt: Ibn al-Nafis, Pulmonary Transit and Bodily Resurrection, which is expected in March 2013. Of his success, he says “a lot of the credit for that goes to the ethic and sensibilities of being a scholar-teacher and engaged member of the community instilled in me through my time at Notre Dame.”

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