Congratulations to Our Graduates!

Author: Ryan Palczynski

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Science, Technology, and Values (STV) Graduates

Congratulations to this year’s Sloan Prize Winner Alexandra Tatarian, whose work during her time at Notre Dame embodies the mission and core values of the Reilly Center.

Congratulations to this year’s Storozynski Price for Excellence in Medicine and the Liberal Arts Cristina Del Greco, whose research considers the full complexity of biomedical practice. We would also like to congratulate her on completing a Senior Thesis titled The Role of Genetic Data Management in Shaping the Future Directions of Genetic Data Usage.


Congratulations to Margaret Meserve on completing her Senior Essay titled The Role of Parent Advocacy in the Medical, Scientific and Social Understandings of Autism Spectrum Disorder.



Congratulations to all of our STV Graduates!



Margaret M. Meserve

Erin C. Sullivan

Erin M. Carmody

Christina E. Del Greco

Molly C. Kress

Thomas E. Ueland

Alexandra H. Tatarian

Jacqueline I. Townshend

Rebecca A. Georgiadis

Kelly D. Adam

Kirsten L. Snook

Emily E. Salerno

Claire A. Doyle

Alice L. Treuth

Daniel J. Hopkinson

Ukachi V. Irobereachi

Sandra Spychalska

Paige E. Kaplan

Jared J. Kaminski

Katie R. Adlaka

Noelle E. Gasper

Iverson, Ann M.

Sang Jun Park

Kayla N. Perez


Dual Degree in Arts and Letters and Engineering Graduates

This year, two of the Dual Degree graduates are Reilly Prize Winners!

Senay Tilahun, 2018 Reilly Prize Winner

Pierce Witmer, 2018 Reilly Prize Winner

Congratulations to all of our Dual Degree Graduates!

Timothy  L. Michuda

Elizabeth J. Horwath

Pierce C. Witmer

Andrew J. Poirier

Daniel R. Wilborn

Matthew T. Flanagan

John J. Julien

Senay Argaw Tilahun

Michael D. Sills

Veronica A. Sardina



GLOBES Program Graduates

Congratulations to our GLOBES Graduates!

Zachary Hanson, PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

Teresa Baumer, PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences


History and Philosophy of Science (HPS)

Congratulations to Xiaoxing Jin, PhD!

Xiaoxing Jin successfully defended his dissertation on the dissemination of Darwinian ideas in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century in China, with an emphasis on the translation, transmutation, and reception of the Origin of Species in China. Congratulations Xiaoxing!