Conference Session on John Zahm CSC, and evolutionary biology


Location: 215 McKenna Hall (View on map )

In honor of the University's annual "Founders' Day,"  the President's office will be holding a conference in honor of one of the most influential early scholars at Notre Dame, John Zahm. The conference will explore his legacy as a Holy Cross priest; as a biologist who argued strongly for the Church to embrace the theories of Charles Darwin; and as a collector of books and manuscripts for the University Library, especially the extraordinary Dante collection.

The Reilly Center is very happy to be sponsoring a conference session on Zahm's scientific work: "Rev. John A. Zahm, C.S.C., and Science: Leaving Space for the Sacred." The speakers in this session will be: John Slattery (Ph.D, HPS, Notre Dame); Chris Temple (Ph.D., History, Notre Dame); and Phil Sloan (emeritus professor, HPS, Notre Dame).

For more details see the Founders' Day website.