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Mon Feb 13, 2017

Reilly Center Twilight @ Reckers: Meet, Greet, and Smoothies!


Location: Reckers

Reilly Center Twilight @ Reckers

Monday February 13th 5 – 7 PM


  • Grab a free treat from the open Smoothie Bar!
  • Meet other students in the Reilly Arts and Letters / Engineering Dual Degree Program and Science, Technology and Values Minor.
  • Talk with faculty about opportunities to pursue your own research projects or build a to-your-interest directed readings course at the Reilly Center.

Thu Feb 23, 2017

What Does Virtue Have to do With Science? A Conversation About Virtue Ethics and the History of Science


Location: 104-106 McKenna Hall

A Panel Discussion


Dr. Tom Stapleford, Associate Professor, PLS; Dr. Philip Mirowski ,Koch Professor, HPS; Dr. Lynn Joy, Professor, Philosophy; Dr. Chris Hamlin, Professor, History


Thomas Stapleford and Dan Hicks have recently argued (Isis Sept. 2016) that Alasdair MacIntyre’s virtue ethics and portrayal of communal practices provide a novel and effective means for historians of science to frame some big questions in historiography: the significance of studying scientific practice

Fri Feb 24, 2017

HPS Brownbag: Martin Carrier


Location: 106 O'Shaughnessy

Agnotological Challenges: How to Capture the Production of Ignorance in Science

Martin Carrier, Universität Bielefeld

Agnotology concerns the creation and preservation of confusion and ignorance. Certain positions are advocated in order to promote economic, political, or metaphysical interests with the result of creating mock controversies or maintaining unjustified agreement. I propose to identify agnotological ploys by  examining the discrepancy between the conclusions suggested by the design of a study and the conclusions actually drawn or intimated. Agnotological ploys are characterized by the unrecognized difference between those issues for which a study is sensitive and those issues that feature in its interpretation. This mechanism of “false advertising” serves to implement agnotological endeavors and helps to identify them without having to invoke the motivations of the relevant agents. Pinpointing such endeavors is a means for weeding out approaches that look fitting at first glance, but are blatantly inappropriate, in fact. Pinpointing agnotological approaches helps transform a pluralist manifold of contrasting accounts into a manageable range of alternatives.…

Mon Feb 27, 2017

Science, Medicine, Technology and Society: Undergraduate Research Panel


Location: Geddes Hall B36

            Science, Medicine, Technology and Society: Undergraduate Research Panel

                             Monday, 27 February

                             5 – 7 PM

                             Geddes Hall B36

               We’ll provide dinner, too!



Julia Erdlen, Gender Inequality and the Nobel Prize