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Thu Nov 3, 2016

Wed Nov 16, 2016

A Notre Dame Conversation on Sustainability


Location: Geddes Hall Coffee House

This September, Father Jenkins approved the University’s new Comprehensive Sustainability Strategy, calling it “ambitious … yet realistic.” Some people agree that it is both, and some argue that it is neither. Everyone seems to believe that “sustainability” is important – but it’s less clear which dimensions of it are most important and which actions will best promote it.…

Thu Nov 17, 2016

Film: Containment


Location: Browning Cinema in the DPAC

Join the Reilly Center for a showing of the documentary film Containment.


Can we contain some of the deadliest, most long-lasting substances ever produced? Left over from the Cold War are a hundred million gallons of radioactive sludge, covering vast radioactive lands. Governments around the world, desperate to protect future generations, have begun imagining society 10,000 years from now in order to create monuments that will speak across the time. Part observational essay filmed in weapons plants, Fukushima, and deep underground—and part graphic novel—Containment weaves between an uneasy present and an imaginative, troubled far future, exploring the idea that over millennia, nothing stays put.…

Mon Nov 21, 2016

Magda Romanska, "The Bionic Body: Technology, Disability, and Humanism"


Location: 100-104 McKenna Hall

Drawing on interdisciplinary research from cognitive science, art, film, and disability studies, this project looks at how the concept of the bionic body affects representation of the disabled in contemporary culture (theatre, film, new media) and, in turn, how representation of the disabled body affects the changing boundaries of what is and what isn’t considered "human."