Categories of Understanding - Workshop

Location: 125 Hayes-Healy Center

Since its incipience, category theory has provided fruitful and novel ways of drawing connections between mathematics, logic, philosophy, and physics. The goal of this interdisciplinary workshop is to survey new questions about “physical theories” that have arisen as a result of this interaction.
This workshop is open to all members of the Notre Dame community, although we ask that participants register at so that lunch can be catered accordingly. Graduate students are especially welcome.
The organizers gratefully acknowledge the support of an ISLA Integrative Scholarship Grant.

Invited Speakers and Commentators

Antonio Delgado (Physics, Notre Dame)
Hans Halvorson (Philosophy, Princeton)
Chris Kapulkin (Mathematics, UWO)
Christopher Kolda (Physics, Notre Dame)
Stephan Stolz (Mathematics, Notre Dame)
Nicholas Teh (Philosophy, Notre Dame)
Dimitris Tsementzis (Philosophy, Princeton)

Workshop Schedule

8:40: Coffee and Opening Remarks
9:00–9:50: The Categorical Approach to Scientific Theories, Hans Halvorson
10:00–10:50: Extended Topological Quantum Field Theory, Stephan Stolz
11:00–11:50: Categorical and Physical Generalization, Nicholas Teh
12:00–12:45: Sandwich Lunch
12:50–1:40: Logical Foundations 1, Dimitris Tsementzis
1:50–2:40: Logical Foundations 2, Chris Kapulkin
2:50–3:40: Dualities and Theoretical Equivalence, Antonio Delgado
3:50–4:30: Discussion