Conference Schedule

Saturday March 21

Morning – ND Conference Center (McKenna 100-104 confirmed for 8 AM-5 PM)

  • History of the Center and its mandate
  • The HPS Program
  • GLOBES Certificate in Environment and Society
  • Arts & Letters/Engineering Dual-Degree Undergraduate Program
  • Science, Technology, and Values (STV) Undergraduate Minor

Lunch and Poster Presentations – Morris Inn private dining room 

Afternoon: Research presentations and commentaries on Reilly Center’s three Program Areas

  • The Ethics of Emerging Technologies
  • People, Policy, and the Environment
  • Health, Culture, and Society

Evening: 30th Anniversary of the Reilly Center

  • Recognition

·      A formal remembrance in memory of, and tribute to, Jack Reilly

·      Recognition of the past Directors of the Reilly Center

o   Don Howard, Jerry McKenny, Phil Sloan, and Vaughn McKim

·      Recognition of Advisory Board members and others who have supported the Center in special ways throughout its history