The Joint Atlantic Seminar for the History of the Physical Sciences

Location: Mckenna Hall


The History and Philosophy of Science Graduate Program at the University of Notre Dame is pleased to host the 2004-2005 meeting of JASHOPS—The Joint Atlantic Seminar for the History of the Physical Sciences.

2005 is the World Year of Physics (WYP), which celebrates in part the centenary of what is sometimes termed Einstein's annus mirabilis. 1905 was the year in which Einstein, then but a young patent clerk in Bern, Switzerland, published three revolutionary papers on special relativity, the photoelectric effect, and brownian motion, all in the same volume 17 of the Annalen der Physik.

In keeping with the spirit of the WYP, the 2004-2005 JASHOPS meeting will take as its main theme "Images of Scientific Genius" and will feature as its keynote speaker on Friday, February 4, John Stachel, Emeritus Professor of Physics at Boston University and the first editor of The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, speaking on the topic, "Einstein's Miraculous Year."

The conference will be held in McKenna Hall (Center for Continuing Education) on the campus of the University of Notre Dame. All sessions will be free and open to the public.