The Biennial History of Astronomy Workshop - NDIV

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Location: McKenna Hall (View on map )


The Fourth Biennial History of Astronomy Workshop will be held July 1-4, 1999 at the University of Notre Dame. The workshop is sponsored by Notre Dame's Graduate Program in History and Philosophy of Science, Notre Dame's Reilly Center for Science, Technology, and Values, the History of Astronomy Special Interest Group of the History of Science Society, and theHistorica1 Astronomy Division of the American Astronomical Society.

Steven Dick and Michael Crowe are program co-chairs. Persons wishing to present work in-progress papers, or poster papers, should submit a title and abstract of approximately 200 words to one of the program co-chairs by February 15, 1999, indicating preference for oral or poster presentation. Proposals will be accepted in a number of forms, but because the abstracts of papers accepted for the conference will appear on the conference website, we prefer electronic submissions.

The conference will include a book exhibit and display tables. Participants are welcome to bring materials to display. Contact Matt Dowd with regard to how much space will be needed.

Related One-day Mini-Conference

A related one-day conference titled “Perspectives on the Question of Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life” will be held on July 1. All persons registering for the History of Astronomy Workshop are invited to attend this conference.

For detailed information about this conference, including conference materials, please follow this link: