GLOBES Certificate Program

The best solutions for today’s interconnected environmental and human health challenges require bold, comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approaches. The GLOBES graduate certificate in environment and society will prepare you to do just that.

GLOBES is an interdisciplinary training program designed to complement and enhance a graduate or professional student's research and education by integrating skill sets, methodologies, and knowledge from working in a secondary field of interest. It also involves leadership, communications, and policy training to explore key environmental challenges from different perspectives.

The certificate recognizes a student's ability to extend research in new directions, integrate new skills and knowledge, and become an effective communicator across disciplines. 

The GLOBES graduate certificate program is open to Ph.D., Law, and terminal masters students in all disciplines with interests in environmental, global health, and sustainability research. Our mission is to:

  • Enhance interdisciplinary graduate education and research across departments, research initiatives, and colleges so that novel solutions to vexing problems can be understood, invented, tested, and implemented.
  • Train today’s graduate students so that they can address tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities in environment and society and compete in an interdisciplinary, professional marketplace.

Come be part of an engaged community of scholars who seek new and innovative ways to address the environmental challenges facing humankind and the planet. The GLOBES application process is very simple—fill out the GLOBES Certificate Application Form.

Send an email to the GLOBES Office to be added to the GLOBES student email list and learn about upcoming training activities and special events. You may also meet with Prof. Anna Geltzer  office hours Fall 2022: Wednesday & Thursday 10:00-11:00AM, or by appointment. (219E O'Shaugnessy Hall) 

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