Flexible Curriculum

The STV minor boasts an extensive course catalog that enables our students to design a program of study tailored to their interests.

Our Spring 2021 offerings feature courses in history, sociology, anthropology, political science, economics, and more. For more details, please consult the University’s course catalog.

University Course Catalog

STV 13196

Politics of Artificial Life

STV 20204

Global Cultural Worlds

STV 20205

Theories of Sexual Difference

STV 20208

Minds, Brains and Persons

STV 20306

Environmental Chemistry

STV 20331

Introduction to Criminology

STV 20410

Health, Medicine, and Society

STV 20432

Ethics of Food

STV 20556

Science, Technology & Society

STV 20617

Philosophy of Science

STV 20642

God, Minds, Machines

STV 20666

Environment Food & Society

STV 20752

Intro to Environmental Humanities


Science, Theology, & Creation

STV 20896

Faith and Science

STV 21666

Environment, Food & Society Lab

STV 28309

Race and Ethnicity

STV 29697

How Drugs Created & Create Us

STV 30021

History of Medical Sciences

STV 30023

Media and Politics

STV 30111

Green Japan

STV 30120

History of Modern Japan

STV 30161

History of Television

STV 30191

Global Africa

STV 30301

Culture in Development, Culture and Development

STV 30309

Media & Politics in East Asia

STV 30332

Science Education, Policy & Practices

STV 30408

Global Enviromental Issues & Policy

STV 30456

Bodies in European History

STV 30461

History of Television

STV 30550

Foundations of Global Health

STV 30558

Women & Health Global Context

STV 30559

Environmental Economics

STV 30635

Drunk on Film

STV 30668

Energy in Modern American Life

STV 30670

Gender Justice & Environment

STV 30743

East Asia's Global Cities

STV 30810

The Social Uses of Data

STV 30900

Foundations Sociological Theory

STV 30902

Methods Sociological Research

STV 30981

The History of Psychiatry

STV 30996

War in Modern History

STV 33208

Global Visual Culture

STV 33302

Animal Encounters

STV 33634

Visualization and Learning

STV 33951

Social Concerns Seminar: U.S. Healthcare: Policy and Poverty

STV 40120

Evolutionary & Medical Perspectives on Fatherhood and Male Physiology

STV 40151

Psychology and Medicine

STV 40218

Ethics and Policy in Technology Management

STV 40277

Medicine and Health(care)

STV 40511

Ethics of Data Analytics

STV 40698

Contemporary Concerns in Medicine

STV 40850

Economics of Innovation & Scientific Research

STV 40900

Creating Nature

STV 43302

Population Dynamics

STV 43313

Science & Pseudoscience in Psychology

STV 43343

Healthcare and the Poor

STV 43513

Sociology of Development

STV 43901

Philosophy of Mind

STV 46497

Directed Readings/Research


Undergraduate Research