Flexible Curriculum

The STV minor boasts an extensive course catalog that enables our students to design a program of study tailored to their interests.

Our Fall 2021 offerings feature courses in history, sociology, anthropology, political science, economics, and more. For more details, please consult the University’s course catalog.

University Course Catalog

STV 10115

Microbes and Man

STV 10119

Evolution and Society 

STV 20065

Science & Strategy of Nuclear War

STV 20110

Creation, Ecology, Technology

STV 20205

Theories of Sexual Difference

STV 20228

Ethics of Emerging Weapon Technology 

STV 20301

Blood, Guts, and Glory

STV 20311

Health & Culture 

STV 20331

Introduction to Criminology

STV 20410

Health, Medicine, and Society

STV 20555

American Healthcare in Perspective

STV 20556

Science, Technology & Society

STV 20603

Visualizing Global Change 

STV 20845

Environmental Ethics 

STV 20888

Science, Theology, & Creation

STV 20919

Algorithms, Data, and Society 

STV 22407

Tutorial World War II

STV 29697

How Drugs Created & Create Us

STV 30002

History of Science 1

STV 30025

Financial Markets in History

STV 30026

A Visual History of Medicine

STV 30027

Appalachia: Land and People

STV 30056

Digital Empires

STV 30106

History of the Book

STV 30115

Podcast America

STV 30163

Epidemics in America

STV 30174

American Wilderness

STV 30300

Introduction to Clinical Ethics

STV 30304

Anthropology of Migration

STV 30307

Visualizing Global Change

STV 30308

Sesame Street Around the World

STV 30320

Film and the Physician

STV 30329

Seminar in Philosophy, Science, & Math 

STV 30405

Compassionate Care in Medicine

STV 30407

World War 2: A Global History

STV 30408

Global Environmental Issues & Policy 

STV 30461

History of Television

STV 30531

Environmental Econ and Policy

STV 30550

Foundations of Global Health

STV 30560

Health, Culture, & Society 

STV 30565

Health Economics

STV 30598

Life & Death in 19th Century European City

STV 30634

Crime, Heredity, Insanity in US

STV 30858

The Digital Economy

STV 30902

Methods Sociological Research 

STV 30983

History of Food

STV 30986

Blueprint for Modernity

STV 30998

Our Global Environment

STV 33958

Community Health & Common Good

STV 40221

Cybercrime and the Law

STV 40370

Theorizing Disability

STV 40404

Religion, Technics, & Human Development

STV 40470

Zoom Talk Chart Insta Sing

STV 43579

Social Organization of Secrecy & Deception

STV 43926

Game Theory

STV 44135

Philosophy of Science

STV 46497

Directed Readings/Research

STV 48497

Undergraduate Research

STV 50798

Postcolonial Anthropocene