Flexible Curriculum

The STV minor boasts an extensive course catalog that enables our students to design a program of study tailored to their interests.

Our Fall 2022 offerings feature courses in history, sociology, anthropology, political science, economics, and more. For more details, please consult the University’s course catalog.

University Course Catalog

STV 10115     Microbes and Man

STV 10119     Evolution and Society

STV 10210     The Anthropology of Your Stuff

STV 20065     Science & Strategy of Nuclear War

STV 20153     Making the Monster: Magic, Medicine & Murder

STV 20204     Global Cultural Worlds

STV 20228     Ethics of Emerging Weapon Technology

STV 20331     Introduction to Criminology

STV 20410     Health, Medicine & Society

STV 20511     Health, Medicine & American Culture

STV 20556     Science, Technology & Society

STV 20603     Visualizing Global Change

STV 20617     Philosophy of Science

STV 20625     Business in America: From East India Company to Google

STV 20760     Witnessing Climate Change

STV 20888     Science, Theology & Creation

STV 20919     Algorithms, Data & Society

STV 30026     A Visual History of Medicine

STV 30027     Appalachia: Land and People

STV 30055     From Narratives to Data

STV 30056     Digital Empires

STV 30076     Disease and the American Experience

STV 30106     History of the Book

STV 30112     Disability at Notre Dame

STV 30174     American Wilderness

STV 30300     Intro to Clinical Ethics

STV 30307     Visualizing Global Change

STV 30320     Film and the Physician

STV 30329     Seminar in Philosophy, Science and Mathematics

STV 30330     Religion, Myth, & Magic

STV 30405     Comassionate Care in Medicine

STV 30411     Application Ethics and Governance of AI

STV 30461     History of Television

STV 30553     Social Entreprenuership & Innovation

STV 30555     Human-Centered Design for Social Innovation into AI

STV 30558     Women & Health in Global Context

STV 30565     Health Economics

STV 30613     Sport, American & The World

STV 30634     Crime, Heredity, Insanity in the United States

STV 30635     Drunk on Film

STV 30835     Poverty, Business, & Development

STV 30858     The Digital Economy

STV 30900     Foundations of Sociological Theory

STV 30902     Methods of Sociological Research

STV 30910     Experience of Conquest

STV 30950     World Economic History Since 1600

STV 30998     Our Global Environment

STV 33101     Evolutionary Medicine & Early Life Origins of Health

STV 33841     Sushi & Culture of Japanese Food

STV 33851     Manga & the Picture Book of Edo Japan

STV 33958      Sustainable Cities: Community Health and the Common Good

STV 33998     Technology, Self & Society

STV 40221     Cybercrime & the Law

STV 40257     Documentary: Fact or Fiction

STV 40300     The Commons: Tangible, Intangible, and Otherwise

STV 40301     Digital Peacebuilding and Peacetech

STV 40370     Theorizing Disability

STV 40610     Cities and Economic Geography

STV 40698     Contemporary Concerns in Medicine

STV 40780     Sound Studies: Pop, Music, & American Literature

STV 40999     Consulting and Development

STV 43579     Social Organization to Secrecy and Deception

STV 43926     Game Theory

STV 45001     Race & Racism in Science & Medicine

STV 46497     Directed Readings

STV 48497     Undergraduate Research