A few years ago, some forward-thinking donors funded a position to help Arts and Letters students navigate the many paths of career development.  Liberal Arts students can "Do Anything" as our motto says, but the career paths aren't always as clear as say, a student majoring in Accounting.  So we have developed Beyond the Dome, a toolkit of career readiness tools especially for Arts and Letters students.  Emphasis is put on discernment and understanding the resources available to our A&L students to make sure they are prepared for whatever career they choose.  A liberal arts education gives them the skills to do just about anything and we help them understand that the competencies they are learning in their classwork and extracurricular opportunities at Notre Dame are life skills and translate to anything they choose to pursue. Students in the Health, Humanities, and Society program who want to consult with career services about their future trajectories can contact Jared Mrozinske, Career Program Manager, College of Arts and Letters (

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"I am grateful that I decided to study in the College of Arts and Letters. It enhanced my ability to communicate, articulate myself well, and think critically when it comes to various social issues. I majored in Theology and Pre-Health Studies and minored in International Development Studies. The College of Arts and Letters tagline of "Study everything. Do anything." truly does ring true. My academic and research experiences at ND have shaped my interests in holistic wellbeing, justice, faith, and racial equity. Having a background in these subjects equipped me to become a well-rounded physician-in-training because I approach the health and wellness of patients with a multi-faceted approach. My multidisciplinary background helped me recognize the need for cross-sector collaboration to bring about solutions to the issues of inequity and ineffectiveness as seen in our healthcare system." — Rosemary Agwuncha '18, Medical Student, University of Houston's College of Medicine

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"My studies as a Spanish Major, Arts & Letters Pre-Health Supplementary Major, and International Development Studies Minor provided me with the skillset to become an effective physician-communicator. My anthropological work with Prof. Vania Smith-Oka on cesarean overuse and childbirth pain laid a foundation of qualitative interview skills that yielded benefit throughout my training and work as a doctor. Daily, I refer to my great experiences in the College of Arts and Letters to inform my approach to articles and interviews at ABC News as well as at the bedsides with my patients." — Dr. Nick Nissen '16

Nick Schneeman

“Having that broad-based liberal arts foundation was a huge advantage. It has let me see medicine and health systems in a way that maybe my colleagues didn’t.” — Dr. Nick Schneeman ’80, physician and co-founder of Genevive (formerly Geriatric Services of Minnesota)

Brianna Aoyama

"My liberal arts education gave me a perspective that influences the way I interact with and treat patients. I was always one of the first in my medical school class to consider all the other non-medical reasons that my patient may be sick.”
— Dr. Brianna Aoyama ’12, Pediatrician, Providence, Rhode Island