Ani Aprahamian

Ani Aprahamian
Professor of Physics
Areas of Expertise: Experimental Nuclear Physics



Anne Coleman
Associate Professor of American Studies
Areas of Expertise: Consumer Culture and Nature in the American West
Courses Taught: American Wilderness


Jon Coleman

Jon T. Coleman
Associate Professor of History
Areas of Expertise: Environmental history; Human and animal relations; Early American history; American West
Courses Taught: US Environmental History


Foster Rev

Rev. James K. Foster
Assistant Professional Specialist, Department of Preprofessional Studies
Areas of Expertise: Biological Studies, Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Clinical Ethics, Humanism and Medicine
Courses Taught: Intro to Clinical Ethics

Christopher Fox

Christopher Fox
Professor of English
Areas of Expertise: Interactions between literature and medicine; Psychology and science during the 18th century

Eugene Halton

Eugene Halton
Professor of Sociology
Areas of Expertise: Cultural Sociology, Theory, Social Theory; Public Life in America; Cultural Studies; Consumption Studies
Courses Taught: Materialism & Meaning in Modern Life


Christopher Hamlin

Christopher S. Hamlin
Professor of History
Areas of Expertise: History of Technology; History of Medicine; History of Science and Technology in Modern England
Courses Taught: Medicine and Public Health in US History; Biology and Society in the Modern Era; History of Psychiatry; History of the Medical Science


Don Howard

Don Howard
Professor of Philosophy
Areas of Expertise: Philosophy of Science; Foundations of Physics; History of Philosophy of Science; Ethics of Science and Technology
Courses Taught: Philosophical Issues in Physics; Robot Ethics



Prashant Kamat
Concurrent Professor of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
Areas of Expertise: Inorganic Chemistry, Physical/Analytical Chemistry
Courses Taught: Environmental Chemistry



Kathleen Kolberg
Professional Specialist, Department of Preprofessional Studies



Janet Kourany

Janet A. Kourany
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Areas of Expertise: Philosophy of Science; Science and Values; Feminist Philosophy; Agnotology/Epistemology of Ignorance
Courses Taught: Theories of Sexual Difference; Forbidden Knowledge



Linda Przybyszewski
Associate Professor of History
Areas of Expertise: Legal and Cultural History; History of Fashion and Dress; U.S. Civil War and Reconstruction


Rea 2017

Michael Rea
Professor of Philosophy
Areas of Expertise: Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion


Katie Rose

Katie Rose
Concurrent Assistant Professional Specialist



Vania Smith-Oka
Nancy O'Neill Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Areas of Expertise: Globalization; Reproductive Health; Women's Health Ethnobotany; Formal and Informal Health Systems



Kristin Shrader Frechette Photo Taken Sept 2017 20170909 115948 5

Kristin Shrader-Frechette
O'Neill Family Professor of Philosophy and Concurrent Professor of Biological Sciences
Areas of Expertise: Scientific Modeling; Methodological Uncertainty; Statistical Methods in Radiation Physics and Population Biology; 
Courses Taught: Biomedical Ethics Scientific Evidence, and Public Health Risk; Environmental Justice

Kay Stewart
Associate Professional Specialist, Freimann Animal Care Facility


Julia Adeney Thomas
Associate Professor of History
Areas of Expertise: History of Japan; Modern Political and Intellectual History; Nature and Environmental History; Photography; Historiography and Theory
Courses Taught: Green Japan; The Global Environment: Capitalism, Socialism, Fascism, and Nature



Andrew J. Weigert
Professor of Sociology
Areas of Expertise: Social Psychology; Religion
Courses Taught: Self, Society, and Environment



Michelle Whaley
Associate Professional Specialist, Department of Biology
Areas of Expertise: Cellular and Molecular Biology; Infectious and Vector-Borne Diseases; Neuroscience and Behavior



Richard Williams
Associate Professor of Sociology
Areas of Expertise: Race and Ethnicity; Research Methods; Social Psychology
Courses Taught: Population Dynamics