Human Dimensions of Science and Technology
(course numbering xx1xx)

The following applies to students who have enrolled in the STV program, and have taken STV courses before the fall semester of academic year 2013-2014.

20115     Gender, Politics and Evolution    

20124     Memoirs of Madness    

20134     The Technological American 

20139     Minds, Brains and Persons    

20142     Architectural History II    

20146     History of Communications Technologies    

20149     Environmental Philosophy    

20152     Visual America II    

20154     Modern Physics and Moral Responsibility

20163     Science and Religion    

20179     Science and Theology    

30106     History of Econ Modern Thought    

30110     Health, Healing and Culture    

30113     Classical Origins of Medical Terminology

30142     History of Ancient Medicine    

30146     History of Communication Technologies    

30153     History of Psychiatry    

30154     Gender and Science    

30157     Introduction to the Phil of Biology    

34162     History of Science and Tech in Britain (taught in London only)    

30175     Environmental History    

30189     Philosophical Issues in Physics  

33195     Technology and Social Change    

40113     Computer as Social Phenomenon    

40118     Witchcraft and Occult 1400-1700

40126     Philosophy of Cognitive Science

43134     Addiction, Science, and Values

40135     Philosophy of Science

43136     Nature in America

40140     Science and Social Values

40144     Religion and Science    

40147     History/Design: Form, Values and Technology    

40151     Psychology and Medicine    

40152     History of Medicine to 1700    

40153     Visits to Bedlam    

40154     Cultural Aspects of Clinical Medicine    

40155     Christ and Prometheus: Evaluation/Technology

40166     History of Modern Astronomy    

40167     Global Food Systems    

43169     Darwinian Revolution    

40172     History of Chinese Medicine    

40174     Philosophy and Psychiatry    

40181     Philosophy of Human Biology

40186     Medicine in Modern History   

40187     Technology in History    

40194    Building America