The STV Minor

Exploring Complex Questions Where Science and Technology Meet Society

Science and technology play a powerful role in structuring our world, in everything from our physical environment to our culture. A multifaceted understanding of this role is key both for those who aspire to shape our world and for those who want to be successful in it.

The Science, Technology, and Values program offers students the opportunity to acquire an interdisciplinary understanding of science and technology in modern societies, providing them with analytical and conceptual tools they need to confront the complex question that arise at the intersection of science and society. 

Studying STV prepares students to pursue a variety of academic and career goals.  Students focused on the natural sciences and engineering get to explore the history as well as the social, political and ethical implications of their chosen fields, while students majoring in business, the humanities and the social sciences have the opportunity to critically examine the products and impacts of science and technology, and evaluate the efficacy of social and political responses to those impacts. This ability to see the big picture and navigate it strategically is invaluable in fields such as law, the health professions, public service, the sciences, education, business, international development, industrial or academic research, and journalism. Undergraduate training in STV can serve as the foundation for graduate studies in fields such as the history and philosophy of science, social studies of science, physics, chemistry, environmental science, bioethics, risk assessment, and public policy.

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