Qimin Mini

Qimin Liu is a doctoral student at University of Notre Dame who studies quantitative methods that can be applied to behavioral and social sciences.

For example, he studies, when everyone in two teams are given zero to five donuts, how to find out which team tends to eat more donuts on average. This is a tricky problem because a fair amount of people in both team eat five donuts, which implies that they may tend to eat even more donuts. So what they eat may not fully reflect what they tend to eat.

He also studies some less cheerful subjects, such as coping and depression.

Before graduate school, Qimin was the kid who you could bump into at the library any time any day. He graduated with three majors, respectively in philosophy, math, and psychology, from University of Washington, Seattle. His philosophy honors thesis examined how values play important roles in science and how consensus conference can help better science.

He enjoyed reading Schopenhauer, Spinoza, and Leibniz, in that order. He also did research in clinical psychology on intensive behavioral health outcome assessment. He also enjoyed math: his favorite math class was numerical analysis.

In his spare time, which is never enough, he enjoys cooking. Qimin is very proud that he knows how to make some decent Mille Crêpe. This is a very impressive dessert also referred to as “thousand-layer cake”. From Qimin’s amateur experience, it is at most 25-layer before it gets too messy.

Qimin also shares a not so healthy relationship with sleep: sometimes Qimin does not give sleep enough attention while sometimes sleep would keep Qimin a bit more than occupied.

More random facts about Qimin: 1. Qimin occasionally jogs and swims. 2. His favorite ice cream is earl grey tea flavor from Molly Moon’s. 3. Qimin can only finish 1/3 glass of wine before he gets blush on his face.