Emmanuel Cannady is a 2nd-year doctoral student in the Sociology department at the University of Notre Dame studying race, gender, stratification, and social movements. Specifically, Emmanuel is currently researching multiracials, bystander intervention for instances of racial discrimination, and the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Originally from La Crosse, Wisconsin, Emmanuel has lived in South Bend for the past 5 years.

Emmanuel is motivated by a life-long pursuit of justice which has informed his research interests and his professional career.

Emmanuel earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a Master’s degree in Student Affairs Administration from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Afterward from 2009-2012 he worked as an administrator at Gonzaga University and became civically engaged as a member of the City’s Human Right’s Commission and participated in community response a failed bomb plot during the 2009 Martin Luther King Day Parade by an area white supremacy group.

From 2012-2016, Emmanuel was an Assistant Director of the Gender Relations Center at the University of Notre Dame focusing on men and masculinity programming, sexual violence prevention, the office’s marketing and program assessment.

Over the past 10 years, he has presented over 150 talks, lectures, and trainings for professional and student audiences around the country including over 11,000 students, faculty, staff, educators, and community members. These audiences included 900+ NCAA Division-1 athletes on racial and social justice, men and masculinities, sexual violence prevention, and the next level past friendship: kinship.

During his time at Notre Dame, Emmanuel created and co-taught the nationally-recognized White Privilege Seminar.

Currently, Emmanuel is working on a Social Responsible Researches project with South Bend community members that investigates the impact of vacant housing lots on self-worth in low-income communities in South Bend.

For fun, you can find Emmanuel either playing ultimate Frisbee, training for his Black Belt test in TaeKwonDo, or hanging out at home with his cat, Meatloaf.