Dassow Mini

As a child much of my time was spent outdoors with the other kids in my neighborhood. So from an early age nature was a source of familiarity and comfort to me. It is precisely because of the enjoyment I get from spending time outdoors that I wanted to preserve nature and share it with as many people as possible.

Today, I seek to carry out that goal as a PhD student at the University of Notre Dame by researching our ecosystems in the hopes that what we learn will serve to help us better manage the resources we have for the future. Since most of my interactions with nature have come in or around water, be it fishing, scuba diving or swimming; focusing on aquatic ecology came very readily to me.

Currently my research is broadly focused on how people impact the ecosystems we live in. Specifically, I focus on how people drive evolution of fish in lakes and how these evolutionary changes can have consequences for the rest of the ecosystem. However, my early research experiences focused more on water chemistry and algal growth.

Due to this wide range of experiences I've had with research concerning lakes I find myself motivated by any interesting question concerning lake ecology.

I firmly believe any bad day can be helped by a quiet afternoon on a lake. I encourage you to try it out sometime, I think you’ll find you’re not disappointed. That experience is something I’m working to preserve for generations to come.