Meet our students:

Sevda Arslan

Sevda Mini

Sevda Arslan is a PhD student in Anthropology at the University of Notre Dame. She has a strong interest for people; including their languages, cultures, and way of thinking and living life. Currently her research centers on identity construction of migrant and minority communities in Germany and Turkey by focusing on cultural expression and socio-political factors.

Emmanuel Cannady


Emmanuel Bernard Cannady is a doctoral student in sociology studying questions on racial discrimination, social movements, and gender/sexuality. Emmanuel lives in South Bend, Indiana with his partner and cat named Meatloaf.
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Colin Dassow

Dassow Mini

Colin is a first year biology PhD student from Southeastern Wisconsin conducting research on anthropogenic impacts on lakes, particularly fisheries. Long term, the results of his research will help preserve and improve aquatic ecosystems in the face of a changing climate.
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Brenna Gomer

Brenna Gomer Crop

Brenna is enjoying the end of her first year in graduate school in quantitative psychology studying robust statistical methods with violated assumptions. Her perfect day concludes with snuggling cats.
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Megan Levis


Megan Levis is a biomedical engineer who studies living tissue growth and wound regeneration. She is interested in engineering policy, ethics and science literacy. Read more >


Qimin Liu

Qimin Mini

Qimin is currently a PhD student studying methodology and statistics that help advance psychological science. Besides research, he is good at eating and sleeping.
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Brandy Sky Martinez

Brandy Mini

Brandy is a third-year Clinical psychology student who studies the use of religion/spiritual coping and mindfulness-mediation as adaptive stress management strategies.
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Rachel Miller

Rachel Mini

Rachel is a third-year graduate student in the department of biochemistry at the University of Notre Dame. She is interested in using biological systems to address the need for analytical devices in technology-limited settings, such as the developing world. She is passionate about bridging gaps, whether it means adapting technologies to be more user-friendly or making science more accessible to the public.


Maria Cristina Miranda Vergara

Mariachristina Mini

Maria Cristina Miranda Vergara is a third year graduate student in Biochemistry who works everyday in research to positively impact the lives of breast cancer patients. She lives in South Bend with her husband Gerardo.
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Andrea Pena-Vasquez


Andrea is a second-year student in the department of Political Science and a Graduate Student Affiliate at the Kellogg Institute of International Studies who researches the role of states in the social, economic, and political integration of transnational migrants.
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Kayla Pierce

Kayla Mini

Kayla Pierce is pursuing a PhD in Sociology, researching status hierarchies, identity and emotions.  She lives in Indiana with her husband, Richard, and her mutt, Socy.
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Joyce Rivera-Gonzalez

Joyce Mini

Joyce Rivera-González is an Anthropology Ph.D. student studying the intriguing and complex ways humans and nonhuman animals interact with each other  When she's not recording monkeys’ behavior or interviewing people, Joyce is grappling with human-animal relationships in the form of Bowie, her 11-month-old pup, and Carlos, her human partner.
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Ilana Rothkopf 

Ilana Mini

Ilana is a PhD student in International Relations and Comparative Politics.  Her research interests include international law, foreign policy, and human rights, particularly: how and under what circumstances legitimacy is conferred (or denied) in International Relations, which foreign policy tools actors utilize to demand compliance with international norms, the strategic use of sanctions as instruments of coercive diplomacy, and how these concepts converge in conflict circumstances.  Previously, Ilana completed an M.Sc. in International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science and a B.A. in Political Science and Middle East Studies at McGill University.  

Nirupama Sensharma

Sensharma Nirupama

Nirupama is a 3rd year Physics graduate student and ardent supporter of Nuclear power. Her vision as an SRR student is to organize a series of seminars and experimental demonstrations for a non-physics audience in order to disseminate a better understanding of basic Nuclear Physics.
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