Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame (cSEND)


Developing innovative ideas and technologies through research and education to create a sustainable energy future. 

The Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame (cSEND) aims to advance innovative energy related research, education and outreach programs to address the global challenges of creating a more sustainable energy future. cSEND is built upon the foundations laid by the Notre Dame Energy Center (NDEC) – a College of Engineering research center initiated in 2005 and the Sustainable Energy Initiative (SEI) – a Strategic Research Investment funded by the University in 2010. SEI's research areas include Transformative Solar, Cleaner Fossil, and Safer Nuclear. cSEND's goals are to:  

  1. serve as a focal point for all university-wide energy related activities
  2. improve inter-college participation
  3. enhance research collaborations
  4. increase educational opportunities at the undergraduate and graduate levels
  5. create opportunities and promote informed choices for socially responsible and ethical energy production and use internationally, nationally, locally and individually
  6. ensure long-term financial viability of these activities at Notre Dame.

The Reilly Center and cSEND

A handful of the Reilly Center's Science, Technology, and Values (STV) courses are cross-listed with cSEND's Energy Studies Minor for undergraduate students. Both the Reilly Center and cSEND are also associated with the Minor in Sustainability offered through the College of Science and overseen by the Department of Biological Sciences. Reilly Fellows who are active researchers with cSEND are Ani Aprahamian (Nuclear Physics), Jay Brockman (Computer Science and Engineering), Jessica Hellmann (Biology), and Frank Incropera (Engineering).