Advanced Diagnostics & Therapeutics 


Advanced Diagnostics & Therapeutics creates technologies and tools to combat disease, promote health, and safeguard the environment. AD&T’s investigators focus on the common purpose of advancing micro- and nano-scale research to improve lives around the world. The application of AD&T innovations range from the home to doctor’s offices to warzones.

AD&T pursues the research and development of technology which allows the monitoring of an individual’s immediate environmental and biomedical status, in the form of micro-sensing devices. Such advances will enable personalized home health monitoring on a scale not currently imaginable and the same technologies also will usher in the revolution needed to develop and supply environmental and health monitoring to the developing world.

The Reilly Center and AD&T

AD&T is one of the University of Notre Dame’s strategic research investments that has included the Reilly Center as a partner since its inception. Several Reilly Fellows contribute to AD&T research: Marya Lieberman (Chemistry and Biochemistry), Wolfgang Porod, David Severson, and Gary Bernstein (Electrical Engineering), and Jeffrey Feder and David Lodge (Biology).