For Faculty and Staff of Notre Dame and for Students of the Reilly Center's Educational Programs

The Reilly Center helps faculty and staff members at the University of Notre Dame and students in its educational programs to develop grant and fellowship applications. Some of the ways that we contribute to grant development and carrying out projects are listed below. A first step for us to help you is by learning more about your project and needs. Please email the Reilly Center for more information or to set up a meeting.

Grant Development and Project Execution

Finding appropriate solicitations for your research project or educational program

Hosting an event on the ethical, legal, societal, and policy implications of the research

Offering ideas and vehicles for the broader impacts statement

Drafting and carrying out a postdoctoral mentoring plan (Also check out information available through the Office of Postdoctoral Scholars on writing postdoc mentoring plans.)

Sitting in on planning meetings to help with project and proposal development

Providing advice on how to write successful grants

Critiquing drafts of grant proposals

Serving as members on an executive or advisory board


We also offer training and mentoring for students and postdocs funded by your grant.

In-person training in research integrity such as

Professional development in responsible communication and science policy

Advice on fellowship and internship opportunities in science policy

A mentor who helps your students and postdocs to draft an individual development plan and then connects them with suitable campus programming to carry it out (The programming is available through the professional development committee of the Graduate School and Office of Postdoctoral Scholars.)