The Reilly Center has postponed the mini-grant program for the 2016-17 academic year. We will resume the competition in August 2017. 

What is a Reilly Center Mini-grant?

A mini-grant is an award of up to $5000 that supports research efforts and outreach that align with the Reilly Center’s mission to explore the impact of science and technology on society. Preference is given to research efforts that support one of our program areas: The Ethics of Emerging Technologies; People, Policy, and the Environment; and Health, Culture, and Society. We also support research endeavors addressing current events and public policy. For support in connection with projects focusing more specifically on the nature of science and technology, please contact the Director of the History and Philosophy of Science Program, Robert Goulding, directly.

What sorts of projects can get funding?

In addition to funding more traditional projects such as archival research, field work, or community-based outreach, mini-grants can also support presentations in a course or speaker series, events involving visiting scholars and students, and coordinating a Reilly-Center sponsored event, like a forum, conference, workshop, or café. Have a look at some of the projects we’ve funded.

Who is eligible for a Reilly Center Mini-grant?

Anyone within the Notre Dame community, including faculty, staff, postdocs, graduate and undergraduate students, is eligible for a mini-grant. A formal affiliation with the Reilly Center is not necessary, but students enrolled in one of the Reilly Center’s educational programs (HPS, GLOBES, STV, Dual Degree in AL/Eng, and SRR) are strongly encouraged to apply.

What is required in my application?

Each application will require the following:
• Statement of Project: 2 pages describing your project, plans and approximate schedule, and expected outcomes. This statement should also include no more than one page of references.
• Budget: 1 page describing project start and end date, and plans as specific as possible for use of mini-grant funds. This budget should also include other funding sources, if applicable.
• Student Applicants must also include a 2 page CV for grant applicant and other key participants (e.g. guest speaker, collaborators, etc.) and proof of faculty support through either a joint application with a faculty mentor, or a letter of recommendation.

When is my application due?

There are three deadlines for mini-grant applications:
• November 1
• March 1
• June 1
Notifications of award status are sent one month after the deadline. Typically, the project will take place the semester after the mini-grant is awarded. Subject to available funds and in exceptional circumstances, applications are considered outside of these three cycles.

How do I submit my application?

Email your application as a single PDF to with the subject “Reilly Center Mini-Grant Submission” by 5:00pm EST on the deadline.

How is my application evaluated?

In addition to traditional grant merit criteria—including evaluating the strength and preparedness of the project, qualifications of applications and their capability to undertake such a project, and feasibility of the project taking into account time constraints and budget—successful mini-grants will align closely with the Reilly Center’s mission and program areas. Ideally, projects will benefit their intended audiences, and the broader Notre Dame community.

Successful applications will do more than conduct projects simply related to the Reilly Center's Research Areas. We fund projects that move beyond the lab, taking scientific research to the next level through the exploration of ethics and policy. Projects that are awarded a Reilly Center mini-grant must include this component. 

What can I expect from the Reilly Center as a mini-grant recipient?

In addition to financial support for your project, the Reilly Center also commits our services and resources. This includes assistance advertising events, reaching off-campus audiences, identifying external funding sources, and helping you develop external grant proposals.

What help is available for me during this process?

A Reilly Center goal is to facilitate exciting and innovative research that examines the impact of science and technology. The mini-grants were established as an easy way to apply for funding that can enable this research. We are happy to help you develop your grant, provide research project consultation, and answer any application-specific questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to email us.

Contact the Reilly Center with questions. If you have a speaker series or event and would like the Reilly Center to co-sponsor, you do not need to submit a mini-grant application. Please contact us directly. For support of conferences and workshops relating to the history, philosophy and sociology of science, technology and medicine, please contact the Director of the History and Philosophy of Science program.

How Do I Receive Mini-Grant Funds?

Once you have received notification of your award of a Mini Grant, your funding will be processed using the TravelND reimbursement program ( Mini-grants, like many other grant programs, operates on reimbursement rather than upfront payment.

How Do I Get My Reimbursement?

Once you've signed into, click on Expense Reporting on the left of the page. You will be asked to submit your receipts for your Mini Grant expenditures. You will receive a grant account number from the Center, which you will enter here. Once your information has been entered, submit your reimbursement request, which will then be forwarded to the Center Director for approval.

Grant award winners are responsible for tracking their expenditures so that they do not exceed their grant funding amount. Please note that while some vendors external to Notre Dame accept University accounting numbers for payment purposes, most do not. In the latter case, grant award winners are responsible for initial payments, which will then be reimbursed on the system.