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February 2016


Camilla Tassi
Class of 2016 - Computer Science and Music

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"Through the Reilly Dual Degree program I have been able to study, fully, two seemingly unrelated areas of interest.

When I was looking at universities, I knew I wanted to study both Computer Science and Music. I visited other colleges, but many discouraged the combination. Notre Dame, on the other hand, fully supported it.

There were days where I'd be singing in opera rehearsal, attending music theory classes, performing tech research, and cantoring at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart - all before heading to the engineering library to work on a programming assignment with other students. And that covers just a few of the involvements I've been able to be part of thanks to my dual course of study."

November 2015


John Wetzel
Class of 2016 - Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design

"Being able to study both Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design allowed me to follow both of my passions on an equal track rather than favoring one.  Each of my fields of study complements the other.  It allows me to bring a unique perspective to the table regardless of what challenge I am addressing. With engineering projects, I am able to integrate aesthetics and human centered considerations into the mechanical design. With my design projects, I am able to find ways to make my idea come to life and then how to manufacture them. In each role this unique perspective give me a leg up on my classmates and counterparts. I have had recruiters for product development jobs refer to this degrees combo as the “ultimate combination for product design.” I believe this to be true because the diversity in perspective allows for empathy and easy communication with every coworker regardless of their role. The foundation of a fully interdisciplinary education has empowered me to feel like I can take on any part of any challenge or issue and be successful."

May 2014

Jon Schommer

Jon Schommer
Class of 2014 - Civil Engineering and Program of Liberal Studies

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"I am incredibly grateful for the Reilly Center dual-degree program and the opportunity it has given me to explore engineering through the hermeneutic of the humanities and vice versa. More specifically, being able to write my senior thesis for the Program of Liberal Studies about research I did with Engineering2Empower in the civil engineering department allowed me to gain a better understanding of the impact and influence engineering has on people and the important considerations to be accounted when designing a structure that is woven into the life of another."

April 2013

Antwane Mason

Antwane Mason
Class of 2013 - Computer Science and Japanese

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"I believe that the Reilly Dual Degree program has broadened my thinking, which has allowed me to look beyond simply writing code, but also into thinking about how to sustain the practice of computer science in the future, which I believe is tied to increasing diversity within the field. This desire led our group to think about how to get minority groups and people with disabilities excited about computer science in introductory CS coursework."

March 2013

Breanna Stachowski

Breanna Stachowski
Class of 2013 - Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design

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"There are so many things that come into play in product design, having those technical and art backgrounds merged together throughout the entire design process saves both time and complications."