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Mentoring Network

We've created this website for current students and alumni/ae of the Reilly Arts & Letters/Engineering Dual-Degree Program who wish to take advantage of the new Reilly Dual-Degree Mentoring Network. The network is a service provided by the Reilly Center that seeks to create and maintain a community of Dual-Degree students, past and present, and offer ways of connecting to people from the program who can learn from one another.


The mentoring network is designed to:

The Reilly Center administers the mentoring network, but allows the mentor and mentee the freedom to define their needs and relationship. We will provide resources and support for all involved, as needed.

If you are interested in registering for the Dual-Degree Mentoring Network (as either a mentor of mentee), you may sign up by clicking here

Advice and resources for mentors

Advice and resources for mentees

The Notre Dame Arts & Letters/Engineering, Dual-Degree Program is one of the university’s great success stories. In existence since the 1950s, the program now boasts approximately 500 alumni/ae most of whom have gone on to very distinguishedcareers in business, industry, government, the military, politics, public service, and academia. It remains a unique and attractive program that expresses many of Notre Dame’s core values.

Since 1985, Notre Dame’s Reilly Center for Science, Technology, and Values has been responsible for various aspects of the program, foremost among them the funding for fifth-year students made possible by John D. Reilly’s very generous gift to the university. With additional support from Jack Reilly – himself an alumnus of the program – and from the university, the Reilly Center is now adding a variety of enhancements to the Dual-Degree Program, including summer research fellowships, an annual Reilly Scholar Prize, and a new Dual-Degree student club.

Regardless of your ability to volunteer for the mentoring network at this time, we invite you to reconnect with the Dual-Degree Program. All program alums are encouraged to join the new Dual-Degree alumni group on LinkedIn by clicking here.

For further information about the program and the center, please visit our web site: http://reilly.nd.edu or our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NDReillyCenter

And should you be on campus for other events, please give us a call or email us to set up a time to visit to the Reilly Center!