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February 2013

Paul Schreier photo

Paul G. Schreier
Class of '73/'74 - Humanities and Electrical Engineering
Paul Schreier PR (Marketing/authoring/translating for high-tech companies)
Thalwil, Switzerland

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"Publishing companies will need people who are savvy in both technology and literature. Who better for such a job than a double-degree Arts & Letters/Engineering graduate?"

November 2012

Santiago Garces

Santiago Garcés
Class of 2011 - Political Science and Electrical Engineering

Client Lead for the City of South Bend, enFocus

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"The Reilly Center’s Arts & Letters/Engineering Dual-Degree Program was definitive in my development. It allowed me to see past the limited scope of one discipline, for instance, only seeing information theory as an electrical engineer, or electoral systems as a political scientist, and instead elaborate a framework that uses information theory to determine the quality of representation of electoral systems..."