Bridging Two Cultures With a Dual Degree

The University of Notre Dame’s Five Year Dual-Degree Program in Arts and Letters / Engineering (AL/ENG) is a distinctive one in American higher education.

Established in the 1960s, the program enables engineering students to combine professional training in a field of engineering with a richer experience of humanistic, artistic, and social scientific perspectives than normally would be possible within the confines of a four year engineering degree program.

In a world increasingly challenged by new developments in technology and science, it is particularly important that those most intimately engaged in the creation and implementation of technology have the opportunity to reflect as broadly as possible on the world their technical work will transform.

To achieve its goals, the AL/ENG Program requires five full academic years of study.

However those who complete the program receive, in turn, two degrees, a bachelor of science degree from the College of Engineering and a bachelor of arts degree from the College of Arts and Letters.

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D-D Student Spotlight


Camilla Tassi
Class of 2016 - Computer Science and Music

"Through the Reilly Dual Degree program I have been able to study, fully, two seemingly unrelated areas of interest. When I was looking at universities, I knew I wanted to study both Computer Science and Music.

I visited other colleges, but many discouraged the combination. Notre Dame, on the other hand, fully supported it. There were days where I'd be singing in opera rehearsal, attending music theory classes, performing tech research, and cantoring at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart - all before heading to the engineering library to work on a programming assignment with other students. And that covers just a few of the involvements I've been able to be part of thanks to my dual course of study."