Therese Cory

Associate Professor, Philosophy

Associate Professor, Philosophy
330 Malloy Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556
+1 574-631-6805

John and Jean Oesterle Associate Professor of Thomistic Studies

Affiliation: History and Philosophy of Science


I work on medieval theories of mind, cognition, and personhood, with special focus on the thought of Thomas Aquinas and his thirteenth-century interlocutors.  Themes that animate my research include, e.g., the nature of consciousness, the history of the self/person and concepts of subjectivity, what it means exactly to be "immaterial," Aristotelian hylomorphism and how it applies to mind, and problems connected with mental representation and intentionality, the relationship of imagination and intellect, and medieval theories of light and vision.  In approaching these themes, I'm particularly interested in uncovering different ways of "modeling" the mind and its activities

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