Professor of Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

Patricia Maurice

B.A., Earth and Planetary Sciences, Johns Hopkins University
M.S., Earth Sciences, Dartmouth College
Ph.D., Applied Earth Sciences, Stanford University

Areas of Expertise: Studies of mineral−water interface geochemistry; Organic and microbial interactions with mineral surfaces; Geochemistry of humic substances; Soil chemistry; Chemical weathering; Hydrology and biogeochemistry of freshwater wetlands; Remediation of metal contamination; Global climate change; Geologic nanoparticles and their interactions with organic matter, microbes, and metals

Recent Articles:

  • Hochella, M.F., Jr., Lower, S.K., Maurice, P.A., Penn, R.L., Sahai, N., Sparks, D.L., and Twining, B.S. "Nanominerals, mineral nanoparticles, and Earth chemistry" (2008)
  • "Environmental Surfaces and Interfaces from the Nanoscale to the Global Scale. A textbook" (2009)
  • Dehner, C.A., Awaya, J.D., Maurice, P.A., and DuBois, J.L. "Use of sideropohores, oxalate, and reductants for iron mobilization from the mineral hematite by the obligate aerobe Pseudomonas mendocina" (2010)
  • Dehner, C.A., Barton, L.E., Maurice, P.A., and Dubois, J.L. "Size−dependent bioavailability of hematite (α-Fe2O3) nanoparticles to a common aerobic bacterium" (2011)

Office: 152 Fitzpatrick