Professor of Law
William P. and Hazel B. White Director of the Center for Ethics and Culture


B.A., St. John's College, Philosophy and History of Science, 1996
J.D., Georgetown University, 1999

Areas of Expertise: Bioethics; Governance of science, medicine, and biotechnology according to ethical principles; Abortion; Stem cell research

Recent Publication:

Office: 2141 Eck Hall of Law

Prof. Snead has served on numerous international committees and national boards for bioethics policy and research, including the UNESCO International Bioethics Committee (IBC), the Council of Europe Steering Committee on Bioethics (CDBI), UNESCO’s Global Ethics Observatory Legal Peer Review Working Group, and The Witherspoon Council on Ethics and Integrity of Science. From 2002-2005, Snead was General Council for The President’s Council on Bioethics and the principal drafter of the April 2004 Council Report “Reproduction and Responsibility: The Regulation of New Biotechnologies.”

Snead is currently the co-principal investigator (along with Reilly Fellow Phillip Sloan) on the University of Notre Dame Adult Stem Cell Initiative, which studies the theological, scientific, philosophical, ethical, and legal aspects of alternative stem cell research.

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