O'Neill Family Professor of Philosophy and Concurrent Professor of Biological Sciences

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B.A. (mathematics), Xavier University, 1967
Ph.D. (philosophy of science) Notre Dame, 1972
NSF-funded post-docs in biology, in economics, in hydrogeology

Areas of Expertise: Scientific modeling; methodological uncertainty; statistical methods in radiation physics and population biology; quantitative risk assessment; normative ethics; science and ethics/public policy.

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Office: 211 Malloy
Email: kshrader@nd.edu
Website: www.nd.edu/~kshrader

The US National Science Foundation has funded Shrader-Frechette's science-related research for 28 years, and for the last decade, she has directed the Center for Environmental Justice and Children's Health. In 2004, she became only the third American to win the World Technology Award in Ethics---for her research in science and ethics and public-health ethics. In 2007, Catholic Digest named her one of 12 "Heroes for the US and the World" because of her and her students' pro-bono environmental-justice (EJ) work with minority and poor communities.  In 2011, Tufts University gave her the Jean Mayer Global Citizenship Award for her pro-bono public-health and EJ Work.