Associate Professor Department of Political Science

Dan Lindley

B.A., International Relations and French, Tufts University, 1984
Ph.D., Security Studies Program, MIT, 1998

Areas of Expertise: U.N. peacekeeping; Internal and ethnic conflict; The Concert of Europe; The Cyprus problem and Aegean security;  Pre-emptive and preventive war. Currently Lindley is conducting research on the prevalence of pre-emptive and preventive war, on the extent to which miscalculation and misperception have come to dominate states' decisions for war, and whether the development of new weapons helps lead states into war


Lindley has published and spoken on U.N. peacekeeping, internal and ethnic conflict, the Concert of Europe, the Cyprus problem and Aegean security, and pre-emptive and preventive war, with articles in: Contemporary Security Policy, International Studies Perspectives, Security Studies, International Peacekeeping, Defense and Security Analysis, Hellenic Studies/Etudes Helleniques, and PS: Political Science and Politics

Office: 448 Decio