Professor of History

Christopher Hamlin
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1982

Areas of Expertise: History of technology; History of medicine


  • What Becomes of Pollution? Adversary Science and the Controversy on the Self-Purification of Rivers in Britain, 1850-1900 (1987)
  • A Science of Impurity: Water Analysis in Nineteenth-Century Britain (1990)
  • (co-author) Deep Disagreement in U.S. Agriculture: Making Sense of Policy Conflict (1993)
  • Public Health and Social Justice in the Age of Chadwick: Britain 1800-1854 (1998)
  • Cholera: The Biography (2009)

Recent Articles:

  • "Concepts of Predisposing Causes in the Early Nineteenth Century Public Health Movement" (1992)
  • "Reflexivity in Technology Studies: Toward a Technology of Technology (and Science)?" (1992)
  • "Between Knowledge and Action: Themes in the History of Environmental Chemistry" (1993)
  • "Environmental Sensibility in Edinburgh, 1839-1840: the 'Fetid Irrigation' Controversy"(1994)

Office: 467 Decio