Professor of English

Christopher Fox

B.A., Cleveland State University
M.A., Ph.D., State University of New York at Binghamton (1978)

Areas of Expertise: Interactions between literature and medicine; Psychology and science during the 18th century


  • (editor) Psychology and Literature in the Eighteenth Century (1987)
  • Locke and the Scriblerians: Identity and Consciousness in Eighteenth Century Britain (1988)
  • (editor) Gulliver's Travels: A Case Study in Contemporary Criticism (1994)
  • (coeditor) Inventing Human Science: Eighteenth Century Domains (1995)
  • Introducer and editor, Gulliver's Travels: Complete Authoritative Text (1995)
  • (editor) Walking Naboth's Vineyand: New Studies of Swift

Recent Articles:

  • "Defining Eighteenth Century Psychology: Some Problems and Perspectives" (1987)
  • "Of Logic and Lycanthropy: Gulliver and the Faculties of the Mind" (1993)
  • "How to Prepare a Noble Savage: the Spectacle of Human Science" (1995)
  • "Swift and the Spectacle of Human Science" (1995)

Office: 422 Flanner