Professor of Philosophy (emeritus)


Ph.D., St. Louis Univ., 1961

Areas of Expertise: History and philosophy of biology and the neuromedical sciences; Social studies of science


  • The Young Darwin and His Cultural Circle (1978)

Recent Articles:

  • "Reductionist Rhetoric: Expository Strategies and the Development of the Molecular Neurobiology of Behavior" (1989)
  • "Walker Percy: Language, Neuropsychology and Moral Tradition" (1991)
  • "Conditions for the Possibility of Human Behavioral Genetics" in Controlling Our Destinies, the Human Genome Project (2000)
  • (with C. Robert Cloninger, M..D.) "A Good Lives Approach to Rehabilitation" (2011)

Office Address: 1444 Sunnymede, South Bend, IN 46615
Phone: 574-289-2501 (home), 574-229-6449 (cell)

From 2003 to the present, Dr. Manier has worked in St. Joseph and Elkhart counties on the role of treatment for co-occurring disorders (substance abuse and emotional dysfunction) as factors in community-based programs for adults returning after incarceration.