Max Hammond

Program: GLOBES

Max holds a BS in psychology and communication from Saint Louis University. As a student he served on social justice committees, worked as a research assistant for laboratories focused on motivation and efficacy in the workplace, and co-facilitated a course on intergroup dialogue. 

After graduation, Max served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Philippines. For two years he worked in the city of Tacloban as a youth development facilitator and computer literacy instructor for SOS (Societas Socialis) Children’s Villages. During his third year he was assigned to the National Capital Region (metropolitan Manila) to work as a program specialist for the SOS national office. In this role, he helped standardize and implement a youth empowerment framework for all local SOS Villages in the Philippines. He then returned to the US and served as an AmeriCorps team leader with Campus Compact, a nonprofit dedicated to building democracy through civic education. As a master of global affairs student, Max is the recipient of a Pulte Family Fellowship.