HPS Alumni


Murgueitio Ramírez, Sebastián

  • Education: B.A., Philosophy and B.S., Physics, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia; M.A., Physics, University of Notre Dame
  • Dissertation Title: "On the Empirical Significance of Physical Symmetries."
  • Advisors: Nic Teh and Anjan Chakravartty
  • Current Status: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Oxford


Elder, Jamee

  • Education: B.A.(Hons) and B.Sc., University of Canterbury; M.Phil., Philosophy, University of Cambridge; M.A., History and Philosophy of Science, University of Notre Dame
  • Dissertation Title: "The Epistemology of Gravitational Wave Astrophysics."
  • Advisor: Don Howard
  • Current Status: Postdoctoral Fellow, Black Hole Initiative, Harvard University

Galbraith, Jude

  • Education: B.A., Philosophy, University of Dallas
  • Dissertation Title: "Researcher Responsibilities in Climate Engineering: Values, Ethics, and Environmentally Disruptive Technology Innovation." 
  • Advisor: Don Howard
  • Current Status: Visiting Instructor of Philosophy in the Department of Humanities at Texas A&M International University. 

Marvin, Michelle

  • Education: B.A., Mathematics and Music, State University of New York College at Potsdam, 2004; MEd, Mathematics Teacher Education, Roberts Wesleyan College, 2006; M.A. Theological Studies, St. Bernard's School of Theology and Ministry, 2014
  • Dissertation Title: "Remembering in Relation: Edward Schillebeeckx's Theological Anthropology and the Neuroscience of Memory Loss."
  • Advisors: Matthew J. Ashley and Celia Deane-Drummond
  • Current Status: Assistant Director of the University Writing Center, University of Notre Dame


Steeger, Jeremy

  • Education: B.S., Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2013
  • Dissertation Title: "Quantum Probabilism: New Foundations for Subjective Quantum Probabilities."
  • Advisors: Don Howard and Nicholas J. Teh
  • Current Status: Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Washington

Xiaoxing Jin

  • Education: M.A., History of Science, Peking University
  • Dissertation Title: "Darwin in China, 1870-1935"
  • Advisor: Phillip R. Sloan
  • Current Status: Visiting Fellow, Harvard University


Naramore, Sarah

  • Education: B.A., Biology and History, Lafayette College, 2012; M.A., History, University of Notre Dame, 2016
  • Dissertation Title: "I Sing the Body Republic: How Benjamin Rush Created American Medicine"
  • Advisor: Christopher Hamlin
  • Current Status: Assistant Professor of History, Northwest Missouri State University


Hasan, Moiz

  • Education: B.Sc., Mathematics, Lahore University of Management Sciences, 2009; M.A., History and Philosophy of Science, University of Notre Dame, 2014; Dual M.A., Alimiyya Degree in Islamic Studies & Arabic Sciences), Wifaq al-Madaris al-Arabiyya, Pakistan, 2016
  • Dissertation Title: "Foundations of Science in the Post-Classical Islamic Era: The Philosophical, Historical, and Historiographical Significance of Sayyid al-Sharīf al-Jurjānī’s (d. 1413) Project"
  • Advisor: Robert Goulding
  • Current Status: Assistant Professor, Institute of Business Administration, Karachi

Mohammadian, Mousa

  • Education: B.A., Isfahan University of Technolo, 2006; M.A., Shahid Beheshti University, 2009
  • Dissertation Title: "Theoretical Virtues in Science and Metaphysics"
  • Advisor: Anjan Chakravartty
  • Current Status: Assistant professor at Ahmedabad University in India.

Poole-Sawyer, Julianna

  • Education: B.Sc., Microbiology, The Ohio State University, 2012; M.Sc., Molecular Biology, Princeton University, 2014;
  • Master's Thesis Title: "Medicine, Then and Now: The Problem of Using Persistence as a Measure for Medical Efficacy"
  • Advisor: Robert Goulding
  • Current Status: Technical Editor, American Chemical Society

Solomon, Adriana (Monica)

  • Education: B.Sc., Computer Science, University of Bucharest, 2006; B.A., Philosophy, University of Bucharest, 2010
  • Dissertation Title: "On Isaac Newton's Concept of Mathematical Force"
  • Advisor: Katherine Brading
  • Current Status: Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey

Slattery, John

  • Education: B.Sc., Computer Science, Georgetown University, 2004; M.A., Theological Studies, Saint Paul School of Theology, 2012
  • Dissertation Title: "Old Science, New Problems: A Theological Analysis of John Zahm's Attempt to Bridge Evolution and Roman Catholicism"
  • Advisor: J. Matthew Ashley
  • Current Status: Senior Program Associate, American Association for the Advancement of Science


Bland, Laura

  • Education: B.A., History and Medieval Studies, Beloit College, 2008.
  • Dissertation Title: "Unfriendly Skies: Science, Superstition, and the Great Comet of 1680"
  • Advisor: Robert Goulding
  • Current Status: Visiting Assistant Professor of History, The Honors College, University of Houston

Carrillo, Beatriz

  • Education: B.A., History, Universidad Diego Portales, 2010; M.A., Contemporary Thought, Universidad Diego Portales, 2010
  • Master's Thesis Title: "The Medicalization of Chilean Politics; An Analytical Catalogue of Physicians from the 1920s to the 1970s"
  • Advisor: Christopher Hamlin
  • Current Status: Teacher, Sapphawitthayakhom School, Tak, Thailand

Chen, Bohang

  • Education: B.S., Biological Sciences, Tsinghua University, 2011; M.A., History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, 2013
  • Master's Thesis Title: "The Death of Early Twentieth Century Vitalism"
  • Advisor: Katherine Brading
  • Current Status: Doctoral Candidate, Department of Philosophy and Moral Sciences, University of Ghent

Ruiz de Olano Altuna, Pablo

  • Education: M.Sc., Physics, Universidad de Salamanca, 2007; M.A., Cognitive Science and Language, Universitat de Barcelona, 2009; M.A., Philosophy, University of Notre Dame, 2013
  • Dissertation Title: "Epistemic Values in Theoretical Physics: Symmetries, Conservation Laws, and the Strong Nuclear Interaction"
  • Advisor: Katherine Brading
  • Current Status: Postdoctoral Fellow, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science



Case, Stephen

  • Education: B.Sc., Physical Science, Olivet Nazarene University, 2005; M.A., Physics, University of Mississippi, 2007
  • Dissertation Title: "John Herschel and Changing Perceptions of the Stars during the Victorian Period"
  • Advisor: Christopher Hamlin
  • Current Status: Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Geosciences and Director, Strickler Planetarium at Olivet Nazarene University

Fernández Pinto, Manuela

  • Education: B.A., Philosophy, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, 2006; M.A., Philosophy, University of Notre Dame, 2011
  • Dissertation Title: "Learning from Ignorance: Agnotology's Contributions to Philosophy of Science"
  • Advisor: Janet Kourany
  • Current Status: Postdoctoral fellow at the Academy of Finland Centre of Excelence in the Philosophy of the Social Sciences (TINT)

Pence, Charles

  • Education: B.A., Philosophy, Princeton University, 2007
  • Dissertation Title: "Chance in Evolutionary Theory: Fitness, Selection, and Genetic Drift in Philosophical and Historical Perspective"
  • Advisor: Grant Ramsey
  • Current Status: Director, Centre de philosophie des sciences et sociétés, Université catholique de Louvain


Baron, Jessica

  • Education: B.A., Medical Anthropology, University at Buffalo, 2002; M.A., Humanities Interdisciplinary (Classics, Anthropology, History), University at Buffalo, 2004
  • Dissertation Title: "Reforming the Raj: Florence Nightingale's Biomedical Liberalism in British India"
  • Advisor: Christopher Hamlin
  • Current status: Freelance Writer, Editor, and Speaker

Freeman, Erica

  • Education: M.A., Existential-Phenomenological Therapeutic Psychology Program, Seattle University, 2014;
  • Master's Thesis Title: "Darwin on the 'More Interesting' and 'Most Intricate' Problems for Natural Selection"
  • Advisor: Phillip R. Sloan
  • Current status: Doctoral Student, Psychology, Duquesne University

Oosterhoff, Richard

  • Education: B.S., Biology and Religion and Theology, Redeemer University College, Ancaster, Ontario, 2005
  • Dissertation Title: "The Circle of Jacques Lefèvre d'Étaples,Mathematics and Philosophy for University Reform"
  • Advisor: Robert Goulding
  • Current status: Lecturer, University of Edinburgh 


Gaspar, Yvonne

  • Education: B.A., Art History and Dance, University of California-San Diego, 2005
  • Dissertation Title: "Varieties of Analogy in Early Eighteenth-Century Plant Sciences: Richard Bradley’s Comparative Method"
  • Advisor: Robert Goulding
  • Current Status: Cofounder and CEO of IP Toolworks (Software Company)


Barham, James

  • Education: B.A., Classics, University of Texas, 1972; M.A., History of Science, Harvard University, 1976
  • Dissertation Title: "Teleological Realism in Biology"
  • Advisor: Phillip Sloan
  • Current Status: General Editor of thebestschools.org

Cirilli, John Stanley

  • Education: B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota-Duluth, 2005; B.A., History, University of Minnesota-Duluth, 2007
  • Master's Thesis Title: "The Coherence of the Astronomers: Incomplete Knowledge and Imaginative Exploration in the Marāgha Tradition of Islamic Astronomy"
  • Advisor: Katherine Brading
  • Current Status: Proofreader, Editor, Writer

Crull, Elise

  • Education: B.Sc., Physics, Calvin College, 2005
  • Dissertation Title: "Quantum Decoherence and Interlevel Relations"
  • Advisor: Don Howard
  • Current Status: Assistant Professor, Philosophy, City College of New York

Mayo, Lee

  • Education: B.A., Mathematics, Physics, and Philosophy, David Lipscomb University, 1999; M.A., Philosophy, Virginia Tech, 2002
  • Dissertation Title: "Simulation without Replication: How Digital Computer Simulations Serve as Scientific Experiments"
  • Advisor: Don Howard
  • Current Status: Lecturer of Philosophy at Lipscomb University


Peterson, Erik

  • Education: B.A., Archaeology, College of Wooster, 1997; M.A., Anthropology, Ohio State University, 1999
  • Dissertation Title: "Finding Mind, Form, Organism, and Person in a Reductionist Age: The Challenge of Gregory Bateson and C. H. Waddington to Biological and Anthropological Orthodoxy, 1924-1980"
  • Advisor: Phillip Sloan
  • Current Status: Assistant Professor of History, University of Alabama

Vandewall, Holly

  • Education: B.A., Chemistry and Religious Studies, Macalester College, 1997; M.A., Science Journalism, Boston University, 2000; M.A., Ethics and Science, Pacific School of Religion, 2002
  • Dissertation Title: "Expertise and the Disunity of Science: A Case Study in the Difficulties of Providing Expert Advice for Policy"
  • Advisor: Vaughn McKim
  • Current Status: Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Boston College

Webster, Elizabeth

  • Education: B.A., History and Religious Studies, University of California Riverside, 1998
  • Dissertation Title: "'American Science and the Pursuit of Useful Knowledge in the Polite Eighteenth Century"
  • Advisor: Christopher Hamlin
  • Current Status: Freelance Historian


Muir-Harmony, Teasel

  • Education: B.A., St. John's College, Annapolis, MD, 2004
  • Master's Thesis Title: "Tracking Diplomacy: The IGY and American Scientific and Technical Exchange with East Asia, 1955-1973"
  • Advisor: Thomas Stapleford
  • Current Status: Curator in the Space History Department of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Zepeda, Joseph

  • Education: B.A., Liberal Arts, Thomas Aquinas College, 2004
  • Dissertation Title: "Descartes and his Critics on Space and Vacuum"
  • Advisor: Sam Newlands
  • Current Status: Assistant Professor, School of Liberal Arts, St. Mary's College of California


Pitts, James Brian

  • Education: B.Sc., Physics, Georgia Tech, 1995; Ph.D., Physics, University of Texas at Austin, 2001
  • Dissertation Title: "General Covariance, Artificial Gauge Freedom, and Empirical Equivalence"
  • Advisor: Don Howard
  • Current Status: Senior Research Associate in the Department of Philosophy, University of Cambridge


Fogel, Brandon

  • Education: B.A., English Literature; B.Sc., Physics, University of Pennsylvania, 1996
  • Dissertation Title: "Epistemology of a Theory of Everything: Weyl, Einstein, and the Unification of Physics"
  • Advisor: Don Howard
  • Current Status: Freelance Programming, Chicago

McKaughan, Daniel

  • Education: B.A., Chemistry and Biology, University of Oregon, 1996; M.Div., Princeton Theological Seminary, 1999
  • Dissertation Title: "Toward a Richer Vocabulary for Epistemic Attitudes: Mapping the Cognitive Landscape" 
  • Advisor: Don Howard
  • Current Status: Assosciate Professor, Department of Philosophy, Boston College


Biddle, Justin

  • Education: B.A., Philosophy and B.Sc., Physics, University of Dayton, 1999
  • Dissertation Title:  "Socializing Science: On the Epistemic Significance of the Institutional Context of Science"
  • Advisor: Don Howard
  • Current Status: Associate Professor, School of Public Policy, Georgia Tech

Fancy, Nahyan

  • Education: B.A., Mathematics and Biochemistry, Knox College, 1997; M.A., History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, University of Toronto, 1999
  • Dissertation Title: "Pulmonary Transit and Bodily Resurrection: The Interaction of Medicine,Philosophy and Religion in the Works of Ibn al-Nafis (d. 1288)" 
  • Advisors: Ahmad Dallal and Phillip R. Sloan
  • Current Status: Associate Professor of History and Faculty Development Coordinator, DePauw University


Merie, Mioara

  • Education: B.Sc., Physics, University of Babes-Boyal, 1983
  • Dissertation Title: "Mirror of the World or Submerged Unconscious? Hallucinations and the Victorians (1853-1901)"
  • Advisor: Christopher Hamlin
  • Current Status: Science Writer, Reston, VA

Slaney, Patrick

  • Education: B.A., Philosophy, University of British Columbia, 2001
  • Master's Thesis Title: "Problems of Scientific Culture: The Task of Science Education in the Atomic Age"
  • Advisors: Christopher Hamlin and Don Howard


Berry, Roberta

  • Education: B.A., History, Swarthmore, 1976; J.D., Wisconsin, 1982
  • Dissertation Title:  "Genetic Enhancement and the Utopian Temptation"
  • Advisor: Phillip R. Sloan
  • Current Status: Associate Professor & Director of GT-Honors Program, School of Public Policy, Georgia Tech

Elliott, Kevin

  • Education: B.Sc., Philosophy and Chemistry, Wheaton College, 1997
  • Dissertation Title: "Scientific Anomaly and Biological Effects of Low-Dose Chemicals: Elucidating Normative Ethics and Scientific Discovery"
  • Advisor: Kristin Shrader-Frechette
  • Current Status: Associate Professor, Lyman Briggs College, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, & Department of Philosophy, Michigan State University

Hayton, Darin

  • Education: B.Sc., Chemistry, California State University at Long Beach, 1989; M.A. History, California State University at Long Beach, 1996
  • Dissertation Title: "Astrology in Early Sixteenth-Century Vienna"
  • Advisor: Howard Louthan
  • Current Status: Associate Professor and Chair, Department of History, Haverford College


Dowd, Matthew

  • Education: B.Sc., Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, B.A., Religious Studies, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 1992; M.T.S., The Divinity School, Duke University, 1994
  • Dissertation Title: "Astronomy and Compotus at Oxford University in the Early Thirteenth Century: The Works of Robert Grosseteste"
  • Advisor: Michael J. Crowe
  • Current Status: Manuscript Editor, University of Notre Dame Press

MacPherson, Ryan

  • Education: B.A., Integrative Studies, Arizona State University, 1997
  • Dissertation Title: "America's Vestiges of Creation: Nature's Development and Divine Presence amid Pre-Darwinian Struggles for Civilization"
  • Advisor: Phillip R. Sloan
  • Current Status: Professor and Chair, Department of History, Bethany Lutheran College

Mirus, Christopher V.

  • Education: B.A., Philosophy, Christendom College, 1997
  • Dissertation Title: "Aristotle's Teleology and Morden Mechanics"
  • Advisors: Phillip R. Sloan and Michael J. Loux
  • Current Status: Associate Professor and Coordinator, Department of Philosophy, University of Dallas

Mullen, John

  • Education: B.Sc., Electrical Engineering, U.S. Naval Academy, 1983; M.A., Reformed Theological Seminary, 1994; M.A., Philosophy, Texas A&M University, 1998
  • Current Status: Chair of the Department of Religion and Philosophy and Associate Professor of Philosophy, Bethany College


Lachapelle, Sofie

  • Education: B.Sc., Mathematics and Physics, Univerité de Montréal, 1996
  • Dissertation Title: "A World Outside of Science: French Attitudes Toward Mediumistic Phenomena, 1853-1931"
  • Advisors: Michael Crowe and Thomas Kselman
  • Current Status: Associate Professor, Department of History, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada


Bokulich, Alisa

  • Education: B.A., Philosophy, Washington State University, 1993
  • Dissertation Title: "Philosophical Perspectives on Quantum Chaos: Models and Interpretations."
  • Advisor: James T. Cushing
  • Current Status: Professor of Philosophy, Boston University and Director of the Center for Philosophy and History of Science

Lafortune, Keith

  • Education: B.Sc., Computer Science, Stonehill College, 1999
  • Master's Thesis Title: "Women at the Harvard College Observatory, 1877 - 1919: 'Women's Work,' the 'New' Sociality of Astronomy, and Scientific Labor"
  • Advisor: Michael J. Crowe
  • Current Affiliation: Software Engineer at Avinode, Portland, Oregon

McDonald, Patrick

  • Education: B.A., Philosophy, Seattle University, 1994; M.A., Philosophy, University of Notre Dame, 1997
  • Dissertation Title: "Hermann von Helmholtz's Epistemology of Experiment: The Case of Physiological Acoustics"
  • Advisor: Don Howard
  • Current Status: Professor of Philosophy, Seattle Pacific University

Ruskin, Steven

  • Education: B.A., History, Colorado State University, 1995
  • Dissertation Title: "'A Private Adventure': John Herschel's Cape Voyage and the Production of the Cape Results"
  • Advisor: Michael Crowe
  • Current Status: Independent Scholar, Colorado Springs, Colorado


Brower-Toland, Brent D.

  • Education: B.Sc., Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with Minor in Philosophy, University of Wyoming, 1987; M.A., Biochemistry, Colorado State University, 1991
  • Master's Thesis Title:  "Animal Souls in a Mechanical Age: Thomas Willis v. Rene Descartes on the Nature of Beasts"
  • Advisor: Phillip R. Sloan
  • Current Status: Trait Discovery Lead, Bayer Crop Science

Letteney, Michael

  • Education: B.A., Philosophy, Thomas Aquinas College, 1988; M.A., Philosophy, University of Notre Dame, 1991
  • Dissertation Title: "Georges Cuvier, Transcendental Naturalist: A Study of Teleological Explanation in Biology"
  • Advisor: Phillip R. Sloan
  • Current Status: Professor of Philosophy, Thomas Aquinas College

McClellan, Christopher

  • Education: B.A., Philosophy and French, University of Nebraska, 1985; M.A., Philosophy, University of Colorado, 1989
  • Dissertation Title: "Science, Intellect, and Social Evolution: A Study of Auguste Comte's Philosophy of Science"
  • Advisors: Ernan McMullin and Philip Mirowski
  • Current Status: Proprietor and owner, Blue Line Coffee, Omaha, Nebraska


Balashov, Yuri

  • Education: M.Sc., Astrophysics, Moscow Institute of Science and Technology, 1983; Ph.D., Philosophy of Science, Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences, 1986
  • Dissertation Title: "Laws of Nature and the Universe: Philosophical Implications of Modern Cosmology"
  • Advisors: James T. Cushing and Ernan McMullin
  • Current Status: Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Georgia

Belousek, Darrin

  • Education: B.S., Physics with Minors in Mathematics and Philosophy, Bradley University, 1992
  • Dissertation Title: "Ontological Commitments and Theory Appraisal in the Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics"
  • Advisor: James T. Cushing
  • Current Status: Lecturer of Philosophy, Ohio Northern University

Bolt, Marvin

  • Education: B.A., Physics, Calvin College, 1984
  • Dissertation Title: "John Herschel's Natural Philosophy: On the Knowing of Nature and the Nature of Knowing in Early-nineteenth-century Britain"
  • Advisor: Michael J. Crowe
  • Current Status: Curator of Science and Technology, Corning Museum of Glass

Holden, Colin

  • Education: B.A., History, Cornell College, 1995
  • Master's Thesis Title: "Letting the Native Speak: Professional Authority and Writing in Nineteenth and Early-Twentieth-Century American Anthropology"
  • Advisors: Christopher S. Hamlin, James Turner, and Phillip R. Sloan
  • Current Status: Curriculum Manager, Wisconsin Child Welfare Professional Development System

Jankovic, Vladimir

  • Education: B.Sc., Atmospheric Physics, University of Belgrade, 1985
  • Dissertation Title: "Meteors under Scrutiny: Private, Public, and Professional Weather in Britain, 1660-1800"
  • Advisor: Christopher S. Hamlin
  • Current Status: Senior Lecturer, Centre for the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine, University of Manchester


Blum, Christopher

  • Education: B.A., Biology, University of Virginia, 1991
  • Dissertation Title: "St. George Mivart: Catholic Natural Philosopher"
  • Advisor: Phillip R. Sloan
  • Current Status: Academic Dean and Professor of History and Philosophy, The Augustine Institute


Hamilton, Kelly Ann

  • Education: B.A., St. Mary's College; M.A., History and Philosophy of Science, University of Notre Dame
  • Dissertation Title: "The Philosophical Significance of Wittgenstein's Engineering Training for the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus"
  • Advisors: Ernan McMullin and J. Robert Wegs
  • Current Status: Associate Professor, Department of History, St. Mary's College, Notre Dame, IN


Davis, Margaret Anne

  • Master's Thesis Title: "A Rare Union of Poetry with Science: Charles Darwin's Scientific Discourse"
  • Advisor: Phillip R. Sloan


Ross, Joseph T.

  • Master's Thesis Title: "Kant's and Hegel's Assessment of Analogical Arguments for Extraterrestrial Life"
  • Advisor: Michael J. Crowe
  • Current Status: Assistant Librarian, Strategic Resource Discovery Team, Hesburgh Library, University of Notre Dame


Kevin, James J.

  • Master's Thesis Title: "Man's Place in the Universe: Alfred Russel Wallace, Teleological Evolution, and the Question of Extraterrestrial Life"
  • Advisor: Michael J. Crowe


Butler, Orville Roderick

  • Education: B.Sc., Physics, Walla Wall College, 1979; Ph.D., History of Technology/Science, Iowa State University, 1993; M.Juris. International Trade Law, Bond University, 2001
  • Master's Thesis Title: "Edward Singleton Holden and American Astronomy, 1870-1900"
  • Advisor: Michael J. Crowe
  • Current Status: Founder and CEO, Dragon Eagle LLC


Hawthorne, Robert M.

  • Master's Thesis Title: "Friedrich Wöhler and the Professionalization of Chemistry in Nineteenth-century Germany"


Collins, William K.

  • Education: Ph.D., Physics, University of Notre Dame; M.S. Marriage and Family Therapy, Seattle Pacific University
  • Master's Thesis Title: "The Early History of Nuclear Physics at Notre Dame"
  • Advisor: Michael J. Crowe
  • Current Status: Director, Marriage and Family Training Center, Presbyterian Counseling Service, Seattle, WA


Gariepy, CSC, Thomas

  • Education: B.A., History, Stonehill College, 1970; M.Th., Theology, University of Notre Dame, 1973; M.Phil., History of Science and Medicine, Yale University, 1978; Ph.D., History of Science and Medicine, Yale University, 1990
  • Master's Thesis Title: "The Acceptance of Antiseptic Surgery in the United States"
  • Current Status: Professor of Healthcare Administration, Stonehill College


Shank, Michael H.

  • Education: B.A., Physics, Goshen College, 1971; M.A., History of Science, Harvard University, 1978; Ph.D., History of Science, Harvard University, 1983
  • Master's Thesis Title: "Lamarck's Early Theory of Fire: A Study of the First Volume of his Recherches sur les Causes des Principaux Faits Physiques"
  • Advisor: Michael J. Crowe
  • Current Status: Emeritus Professor, Department of History of Science, Medicine, and Technology, University of Wisconsin-Madison