Lindsey Breitwieser

Lindsey Breitwieser

Postdoctoral Fellow, Gender Studies

Affiliation: Health, Humanities, and Society, History and Philosophy of Science

Areas of Specialization
Feminist Science and Technology Studies; Posthumanist New Materialisms; Disability Studies; History and Philosophy of Medicine

Dr. Lindsey Breitwieser is interested in the production of biological knowledge and the co-constitution of science and society. Her work engages feminist theory, medical history and jurisprudence, and brain and reproductive sciences to understand the onto-epistemologies that structure medical decision-making and bioethics. She is currently developing her first monograph, tentatively titled Dead Mothers, Live Births. In it, she develops an account of brain death in pregnancy and the significance of the life/death binary for bioethics, medical practice, and civil law.


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