Kristin Shrader-Frechette

Kristin Shrader-Frechette

O'Neill Family Professor of Philosophy

Affiliation: History and Philosophy of Science

Areas of Specialization
Philosophy of Science; Ethics; Quantitative Risk Assessment

Besides her degrees in mathematics and in philosophy, Shrader-Frechette did postdoctoral work for 2, 1, and 2 years, respectively, in biology, economics, and hydrogeology. She held professorships at the University of California and the University of Florida. For 28 years, the US NSF has funded Shrader-Frechette’s research, and recently she finished work as PI on a $224,000 NSF grant on ethical/scientific issues associated with worker exposure to ionizing radiation. Shrader-Frechette has authored more than 400 scholarly articles and 17 books, and her work has been translated into 13 different languages. 


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