Welcome to the Reilly Center's annual poll of emerging ethical dilemmas and policy issues in science and technology!

Emerging Ethical Dilemmas 2014 list

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Each month in 2014, the Reilly Center will feature one of these issues in more depth on our website and Facebook pages. Issues will be presented in order of their vote totals.

The top issue for 2014 is "predictive policing." Click here for more information.
The top issue for March is "neuroenhancement."
The top issue for April is "automated law enforcement." 
The top issue for May is "geoengineering." 
The top issue for June is "data chip implants."
The top issue for July is "human-machine interfaces."
The top issue for August is "virtual currency." 
The top issue for September is "property rights in space." 
The top issue for October is "sexbots."
Our final issue to be featured in 2014 is "do-it-yourself cyborgs." 

Stay tuned for our 2015 list!

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