Reilly Center Director to teach summer course on Einstein’s philosophy of science

Author: Jessica Baron

Reilly Center director and professor of philosophy Don Howard will teach a week-long interdisciplinary summer course on Albert Einstein’s philosophy of science in Tübingen, Germany. The course, which will run from July 30-August 3, 2012, will include a diverse array of graduate students and junior scientists from around the world, including many from top history and/or philosophy of science graduate programs in North and South America and Europe.

Don Howard


In “Einstein’s Philosophy of Science,” Prof. Howard and his students will go beyond Einstein’s monumental works in physics and explore his philosophy, including some classical themes of Einstein’s epistemology: the principle theories/constructive theories distinction, the epistemological holism, the belief in simplicity as a guide to truth, the dialectic between realism, locality and separability in quantum mechanics. By reading Einstein as a philosopher-physicist, Howard and his students will discuss the ways in which Einstein’s writings reveal a coherent and original synthesis and will discuss his enormous influence on the emergence of philosophy of science as a separate discipline within philosophy in the twentieth century.

In addition to his roles at the University of Notre Dame, Prof. Howard is also the co-editor of the Einstein Studies series and has served as as an assistant editor of The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein. He has also released a lecture series through The Teaching Company’s Great Courses program called “Albert Einstein: Physicist, Philosopher, Humanitarian.”

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