Janet Kourany to speak at celebration of Martin Carrier in Bielefeld

Author: Jessica Baron

A conference in honor of the 60th birthday of Martin Carrier will be held at Bielefeld University, Germany on October 12. Carrier is a Professor of Philosophy at Bielefeld.


Conference speakers include HPS faculty member and Reilly Fellow Janet Kourany, who was a Resident Fellow at the Center in June-July, 2012, and May-August, 2011, a Transcoop Resident Fellow in June-July, 2008, and a Research Fellow in 2006-07. Other speakers include Philip Kitcher (Columbia), Paul Hoyningen-Huene (Hannover), Torsten Wilholt (Hannover). 

Bielefeld's science studies programs (formerly the graduate History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science Program, HPSS, and now the graduate History, Economics, and Philosophy of Science Program, HEPS) and Notre Dame's HPS Program are partners in a thriving exchange program. The collaboration involves student, post-doc, and faculty exchanges, the joint organization of conferences, and collaborative publications, such as the volume The Challenge of the Social and the Pressure of Practice: Science and Values Revisited, by Martin Carrier, Don Howard, and Janet Kourany, eds. (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2008).

Carrier visited the Notre Dame HPS program in November of last year for a colloquium entitled "Science, Economy, and Politics: How to Respond to the Credibility Crisis of Science." He is the author of dozens of publications in the philosophy of science, a member of the German Academy of Science Leopoldina, the Academy of Sciences and Literature Mainz, the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Science, and the winner of the 2008 Gottfried-Wilhelm-Leibniz Prize, awarded by the German Research Foundation, and the 2015 Blaise-Pascal Medal for Social Sciences and Humanities, awarded by the European Academy of Sciences.