History and Philosophy of Science students, faculty, and alumni to present at the PSA/HSS meeting in November 2012

Author: Monica Solomon

The HPS program will have strong representation at this November’s History of Science Society and Philosophy of Science Association joint meeting, with nine speakers including five graduate students on the program, plus four ND HPS alums also presenting.

Look out for these ND HPS speakers:
Our graduate students:

Manuela Fernández Pinto , “John von Neumann: Beyond the Theory of Games”
Matthew Gorski (co-author), “Weisskopf and the physical significance of divergences in QED”
Richard Oosterhoff, “Making Visible the Invisibilia dei: Astronomy between Magic and Contemplation”
Charles Pence, “It's Okay to Call Genetic Drift a ‘Force’”
Pablo Ruiz de Olano, “Blas Cabrera as a philosopher of science: General relativity and French conventionalism in early 20th century Spain”

Our Postdoctoral Research Associate:
Catherine M Jackson, “Beyond Genius, Before Theory: Recovering the Lost World of Practice in Nineteenth-Century Chemistry”

Our faculty:
Katherine Brading, “Presentism as an empirical hypothesis”
Melinda Gormley, “Pulp Science; or, Placing Silent Spring into a Literary Genre”
Grant Ramsey, “Human Nature in a Post-Essentialist World”

And our alums:
Marv Bolt, “Doing History of Science Outside the Academy”
Darin Hayton, “Matthias Corvinus and Princely Uses for Natural Philosophy”
Peter Bokulich, “Modal Structure and Effective Degrees of Freedom”
Kevin Elliott, “Propositional Attitudes and Values in Science”

The twenty-third biennial meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association will take place November 15–17, 2012, in San Diego, California. This year the PSA meets jointly with the History of Science Society.