Dual-Degree Alumni Spotlight

Author: Jessica Baron

Paul Schreier

This profile is part of our alumni/ae spotlights for the Reilly Dual-Degree Arts & Letter/Engineering Program. Click here to see more.

Paul Schreier, B.A. '73/ B.S. '74
Paul Schreier PR (Marketing/authoring/translating for high-tech companies)
Thalwil, Switzerland

"When I was accepted at Notre Dame, I entered the EE program primarily because of the fun I was having as a ham radio operator. However, I enjoyed so many other things – literature, music, art – that I didn’t want to give them up, and I convinced my parents to let me enter the 5-year Arts & Letters/Engineering program. It wasn’t until years later that my father became convinced it was a wise choice that had actually paid off." Read More