The Illegal Wildlife Trade and "Plant Blindness": Jared Margulies


Location: Online Event

GLOBES Science Policy Lecture Series

Who steals a cactus?: Characterizing illegal succulent plant trade

In this presentation I will offer a broad overview of the threats succulent and cactus plants face from illicit trade, challenges to regulating illicit plant trades, and findings from my research on the structure of illicit supply chains for cactus and succulent plants. In presenting findings from an ongoing 3-year research effort on illicit succulent trade, I hope to demonstrate the importance of critical, qualitative research for exploring the emergence of particular trades to inform targeted and effective responses to them. My presentation will draw on case study material from my in-progress book, The Succulent Subject: A political ecology of plants, illicit trade, and desire.

Dr. Jared Marguiles
Assistant Professor at University of Alabama
Department of Geography