HPS Colloquium: The Reliability of Scientific Research and the Promise of Interdisciplinary Collaboration


Location: 109 O'Shaughnessy Hall

Join us as Dr. Neil Arner presents his recent research!  We meet every Tuesday before Fall Break at 4 PM for coffee, snacks, and a chance to catch up before the presentation begins.

Please note that the weekly colloquium will be meeting 109 O'Shag, as we've outgrown our previous space!

Recent disclosures have brought to light the mixed quality of published research in many scientific domains. To redress this situation, scientists have begun to contemplate ways to inculcate honesty, humility, and truth-seeking among researchers. Psychologists have made the most concerted effort to diagnose problems and prescribe solutions. A leading proposal calls for the creation of diverse and interdisciplinary research groups. Including scholars from the humanities on such teams holds particular promise for cultivating those values that are increasingly regarded as necessary for conducting reliable research in the sciences.

Dr. Arner is an assistant professor in Theology and HPS.  The primary area of Dr. Arner’s research is fundamental moral theology: the way in which Christian ethicists integrate biblical, ecclesial, historical, philosophical, and empirical considerations. He specializes in Protestant theories of natural law, the theological bases of ecumenical collaboration, and Christian responses to scientific accounts of morality.